Allied Artists Shut Down Counterfeit Website

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Allied Artists International, Inc. Shuts Down Counterfeit Website, Run by Robert N. Rooks and Four Others, That Claimed to Be an Allied Artists Website in Violation of Federal Trademark Laws

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - December 11, 2008) - The City & District Web Development company, located in New Brunswick, Canada, today shut down the illegally operated website established by Robert N. Rooks and four others. Allied Artists International, Inc., the sole and exclusive owner of the trade name and trademarks for "Allied Artists" brought suit against Rooks, two corporations and four other men, in connection with Rooks' scheme to impersonate the real Allied Artists.
Philip E. Tetreault of City & District Web Development stated in a written letter to the real Allied Artists that "[w]e have immediately cancelled our hosting services for and six other websites hosted on behalf of Mr. Rooks."
Rooks falsely announced on August 8, 2008, that another Rooks controlled entity, "International Synergy Holding Company, Limited," had acquired "Allied Artists Pictures Corporation" in an effort to artificially elevate the company's stock price. International Synergy is listed on the Frankfurt Exchange as IBS.F. In reality, Rooks (who has previously been found guilty of securities fraud) and his co-defendants illegally formed California and Nevada corporations, both named "Allied Artists Pictures Corporation," earlier this year. Neither corporation had any connection whatsoever to Allied Artists International, Inc., and the unauthorized use of the "Allied Artists" name violated federal trademark laws. In order to further lend undue credibility to the scheme, Rooks and his co-defendants unlawfully launched a website at The real Allied Artists' website is located at:
Allied Artists International, Inc.'s President, Robert Fitzpatrick, stated that "Allied applauds the actions of Mr. Tetreault and his company. In these days of economic uncertainty, doing the right thing at the cost of lost revenue is rare. Mr. Tetreault has demonstrated extraordinary ethics in shutting down Mr. Rooks' illegal website."
The case against Mr. Rooks and his co-defendants has been assigned to U.S. District Judge Gary A. Feess in Los Angeles. Anyone interested in viewing the documents in that case may do so at:,etal.pdf.

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  1. Anonymous said...
  2. I read about this on MSNBC and have to say that this guy Rooks is about as stupid as Gov. Blogojevich. I mean, did either really think that they could get away with it? -

  3. Anonymous said...
  4. Sociopaths think they're exempt from the law and believe they can get away with anything. He was probably just trying to raise as much money as possible and planned to run with it or try to blame someone else. Remember he has co-defendants and they might have been sucked in by this guy's story.

  5. Anonymous said...
  6. This guy is a total sociopath! - OMFG! Just like with George W. Bush, we should find out exactly who voted for him for a second term so the can be indicted as co-conspiretors to genocide and crimes against humanity.

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