Posted: Monday, May 25, 2009 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: , , , ,

It was good to see an editorial in the New York Times this morning blasting KBR for trying to give its people bonuses, in light of the recent revelations about its shoddy electrical work in Iraq.
Namely, it was found that 90% of its work there was faulty.

I have followed this issue closely since January 2008, when a Green Beret, Ryan Maseth -- the son of Cheryl Harris, now my friend -- was electrocuted. I've written about it often here. You may recall: The military claimed at first that he had carried a hair dryer into a shower, all his fault. Turns out: It was a lie. Cheryl kept fighting and her efforts led to probes by the press, the Pentagon and Congress.

She has sued KBR. Many other cases of soldier electrocutions have since come to light. KBR whistleblowers have surfaced. And let's not forget the Cheney connection.
Here's an excerpt from the Times' editorial. In a final graf, not included here, it refers to the Ryan Maseth case.