NYPD Arrest Man For Urinating On Rug In Mosque While Shouting "Terrorist!"

Posted: Thursday, August 26, 2010 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: ,

In the latest in a spate of anti-Muslim incidents over the last two days, an intoxicated man entered a mosque in Queens on Wednesday evening and proceeded to urinate on prayer rugs, New York police officials said.

The man, identified as Omar Rivera, reportedly shouted anti-Muslim epithets and called worshippers who had gathered for evening prayer “terrorists.”

One witness told the New York Post the man was “very clearly intoxicated” and had a beer bottle in his hand at the time.

“He stuck up his middle finger and cursed at everyone,” Mustapha Sadouki, who was at the mosque at the time, said. “He calls us terrorists, yet he comes into our mosque and terrorizes other people.”

Rivera has been charged with criminal trespassing. FBI Special Agent Richard Kolko told msnbc.com that New York City has not seen a change in the number of hate crimes reported by Muslims so far this year.


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  5. Anonymous said...
  6. What's the big deal? Maybe the restroom was out of order. What do you expect the poor man to do, piss in his pants?

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  9. Anonymous said...
  10. obviously we should be devoting all our time to sorting out islam and mosques across america.

    while the book burning and hysteria is in fact retarded, the underlying issue is, Islam no where on planet earth gets along with others unless its rules predominate, and others must abide by Islamic rules..

    otherwise its violence, constant chaos, and general lunacy...

    thus, lets start asking islamics and other amoral familialists to leave.. and if they dont they need to be sent back home.

    enough is enough. 9/11 AND THE REST of this nonsense results from permitting un-adoptable cultures into one that works without them..

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