President Bush. Good Luck & Good Riddance

Posted: Monday, December 29, 2008 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: , ,

Good riddance Mr. President, good riddance to you.

As the clock runs out on the failed presidency of George W. Bush, he seems prepared to vacate his office profoundly ignorant of the monumental fiasco that he created and then blisfully presided over. He refuses to acknowledge the distruction that he will be leaving behind, even with the evidence right in front of his face. Or in one instance, flying right passed his face. When an Iraqi journalist threw his shoes at the president, which is culturally the insult of insults in that region. Bush paused to wonder out loud what his "cause" might be. Almost as if the preemptive invasion of the sovereign nation that this journalist calls home wasn't even within the realm of possibility as the "cause" for his anger. It is this sort of breathtaking arrogance of George Bush that will surely dirty up the pages of American history with his name on them.

Herbert Hoover and Richard Nixon both left office under staggering disapproval and public scorn. However, they both tried in vein to seek any amount of redemption for their failures. Failures which are now dwarfed by the failures of George Bush and his morally bankrupt administration. His distorted view of the world combined with his willingness to hear only that which validates his view became the breeding ground for his failed policies.


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