Sean Hannity Ties To Allen Stanford And Multi Billion Dollar Fraud

Posted: Friday, February 20, 2009 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: , ,

It looks like Sean Hannity is paling around with an individual who is currently under investagation by the FBI in a milti billion dollar fraud scheme. Allen Stanford and two of his top executives were served with legal papers and Stanford's assets were seized by the government in a "Bernie Madoff" type investment scheme.

Not only is Hannity tied to Stanford, he is a pitchman for Stanford's Coin & Bullion Corp. Hannity has encouraged his radio listeners to invest money in Stanford's business and it is not know how many people may have invested and then been defrauded due to Sean Hannity's endorsement of Stanford's organization.

The investigation is ongoing and certainly the American people need to know the full extent of the connection between Hannity and Stanford and what Hannity's involvement, if any, might be in the fraudulent activity.

This will undoubetedly have a major effect on Hannity's radio show and could potentially have a negative effect on the Fox News Channel and Hannity's America which airs on Fox. I have spoken to many people who feel that Hannity should be suspended from broadcasting on television and radio pending further investigation.

It is not known if Stanford will continue to be a major sponsor of Hannity's radio show, but nobody more than Sean Hannity should know that he needs to distance himself from Stanford and Stanford's business' as swiftly as Obama did from Rev. Wright and Wright's Unity Church of Christ.