Dick Cheney Terrified Of Prosecution

Posted: Saturday, May 23, 2009 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: , , , ,

Former Vice President Dick Cheney is suffering from an adrenaline dump now that he has a view of his torture program from the side line. No longer the puppet master, he is seeing not only the totality of what he and George Bush have done over the passed 8 years, but all of the deception to the American people and the congress they felt was necessary to make it happen.

"I’m convinced, absolutely convinced, that we saved thousands, perhaps
hundreds of thousands, of lives," Cheney said recently on CBS.

If a horrific terrorist attack such as 9/11 claimed 3,500 lives. What kind of attack could Cheney possibly be convinced, absolutely convinced was thwarted by his actions and saved hundreds of thousands of lives? The only event where numbers of that magnitude come into play are the number of lives lost in the very war of choice that he and George Bush waged against Afghanistan and Iraq. His frightening realization was only made worse by President Obama releasing the internal memos from the Office of Legal Council that are at best, a pathetic attempt at justifying torture.

You simply cannot make legal what is illegal with a bunch of lawyers in a basement office over at the Department of Justice. That would require an act of congress and both Cheney and Bush knew that they would get no such thing from this congress. With the writing on the wall, Cheney embarked on a media junket, not out of love for his country or the honest belief that his actions were justified, but to save his own ass. This is Dick Cheney we're talking about-- can you imagine the level of desperation this man must be at to enlist the help of his wife and daughter to help fight his battle?

Many in the media have asked this very question. Why is Cheney -- someone who had avoided the media for most of his eight years as vice president -- suddenly looking for an audience no matter what the subject. He's said that the anti-terror policies of the Bush administration were "
exactly the right thing to do" and that "there isn’t anybody there on the other side to tell the truth." -- He also says that we are thretened and more unsafe due to Obama abandoning many of these inhanced interrogation tactics. So which it it? -- Does Cheney believe that he could possibly convince Obama to adopt his torture program verbatum? - Does anyone belive that Cheney really cares about the safety of the American people or any person for that matter who is not related to him by blood? -- All Cheney cares about is reducing public support for a criminal inquiry into the torture regime that he authorized. PERIOD! -- He is pinning his hopes on being able to fool a simple majority of Americans one last time so that he can, once and for all, retreat to his beloved undisclosed location.

Last night on CNN, however, Cheney’s daughter Liz
revealed that fear of prosecution is indeed a motivating factor in the former vice president’s current media campaign:
L. CHENEY: I don’t think he planned to be doing this, you know, when they left office in January. But I think, as it became clear that President Obama was not only going to be stopping some of these policies, that he was going to be doing things like releasing the — the techniques themselves, so that the terrorists could now train to them, that he was suggesting that perhaps we would even be prosecuting former members of the Bush administration.

Watch it:

Does Liz Cheney also fear that her dad will be prosecuted for his role in the Bush administration’s torture program? Perhaps so. As Steve Benen has
noted, "Liz Cheney has been all over the television news" as well, with "12 appearances, in nine and a half days, spanning four networks."