John McCain Keeps Forgetting He Didn't Win The Election

Posted: Wednesday, June 24, 2009 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: , , , ,

Someone needs to share with John McCain and the rest of these rightwing war mongerers the tragedy that has historically resulted from emposing democracy on uncivilized nations. If Iran or Iraq or any other nation wishes to enjoy the sweet taste of freedom and democracy, they're going to have to endure a long and bloody civil war just as we did.

From the first shot fired at Fort Sumpter in April of 1861 to the surrender of General Lee's Confederate Army at the village of Appomattox in April of 1865. There are more then 600,000 young male versions of Neda laid to rest in battlefields from South Carolina to as far west as Fort Yuma, Arizona and you'd think that John McCain would be privy to this before shooting his mouth off on the floor of the U.S. Senate.

For those that refuse to believe that Barack Obama's stunning victory over John McCain on November 3rd was the result of an overwhelming desire for change away from the divisiveness of the previous 8 years, then consider it devine intervention. Consider it whatever the fuck you want to consider it, but for the love of Christ! - Stop thinking that war is the answer to everything! -

You people live in a polorized world where everything exist at the far extreams. Everything is either black and white, good or evil and you close your eyes to everything in between because to you, it's mondain and unenteresting.

Hopefully the war in Iraq will be the final example that The United States of America should be a defender of freedom and democracy, not the provider of it, nor should we ever spill one drop of American blood emposing it or fighting for it on the behalf of any nation that has yet to earn it for themselves.

Prehaps the Republican Party is selfdestructing for a reason that has yet to be realized. This country can only survive with a two-party system of democracy and it has recently occured to me that perhaps the Republican Party has just run it's course.

Just as other political parties have selfdestructed in our long and colorful history, there has always been another party just waiting in the wings. Perhaps now is the time for the Independent Party to seize the day.

Chico Brisbane