O’Reilly – Hannity : The New Jihadist In The NeoCon Holy War

Posted: Wednesday, June 3, 2009 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: , , , , ,

O’Reilly – Hannity : The New Jihadist In The NeoCon Holy War

By Chico Brisbane

If Bill O’Reilly doesn’t want to be blamed whenever some psycho goes off the deepend and brutaly murders a person that he has repeatedly demonized—as in the case of George Tiller, the doctor whom was shot dead in his church last Sunday by an anti-abortion zealot—then Mr. O’Reilly and all of the other wing-nuts over at Fox News might want to kick down their rhetoric a few thousand notches.

The Fox News Channel and particularly the O’Reilly Factor was the only place where I saw the relentless “Tiller The Killer” rhetoric, so it stands to reason that the shooter, Scott Roeder must have been fed the fuel via the same source. I see very little difference between Bill O’Reilly and one of these older islamic extreamist who pumps up a young jihadist until he straps on a bomb and goes and blows himself up in the middle of a crowded marketplace. O’Reilly kept up his rhetoric until his goal was accomplished and it’s no different then Hannity’s endless, and night after night “Obama’s a radical” rant that set some young white supremistsi off. Fortunately they where caught on the way the the democratic national convention before they could strike.

This type of rhetoric, which pumps up the ratings for O’Reilly and Hannity is no different then the sillyness that made the Jerry Springer show such a success. People will always love to tune in to watch the lowest forms of humanity turn against each other with little regard to consequence. It is in my opinion, the newest form of domestic terrorism.