The Peoples Republican Party At Odds With Itself

Posted: Thursday, June 11, 2009 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: , , , ,

The Peoples Republican Party At Odds With Itself.
I have often been amazed at how easy it seems for Rush Limbaugh to be so oratorically hateful. The words of intolerance seem to just slide right off his tongue and make relative sense until you realize what he’s really saying. However, it’s really quite easy if you give it a try with some issue that’s stuck in your own ideological craw.

Take for instance Carrie Prejean, the cum burping whore who recently lost her MISS USA Crown for breach of contract. Her oratorical skills were obviously not up to par to satisfy The Donald for further support. Perhaps Prejean should have taken the Monica Lewinsky course of oral persuasion. That being said, a whole industry has spawned in his wake of conservative media celebrities, and many of them emulate him. Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin and Bill O’Reilly are basically making their livings by following in his footsteps.

Back in the ‘80s and early ‘90s, conservative talk radio wasn’t nearly the agenda of paranoia, fear, and rage that it is today and there is no argument that the Bush/Cheney era are a directly responsible for that. While some conservatives viewpoints are a vital, indispensable part of a healthy body politic, all I seem to hear or see nowadays from that sector is rage and fear.

I drive across a dozen states and find it amazing how the further east I travel, the less talk radio choices there are besides conservative demonizing talk. I’m turned off by the exclusionary, negative-defining and purity-purging aspects of some of conservative talk radio. It’s basic agenda is to go after, or question the sincerity of those who disagree. This makes for exciting radio controversy, it gets ratings and pumps up callers — but it has also become a way that conservatives and those inclined in that direction now tend to treat those who see things differently than they do. In so many venues in our politics now — talk shows, cable talk shows, comments on weblogs, weblog posts, even on Twitter — there is a growing notion that it’s intelligent and effective to discredit and insult someone who dares to hold a different viewpoint, but the reality is this: The republican party is now at odd with itself and you have the fringe furthest to the right doing all of the talking.

Yet those elected in both houses of congress seem contect to have the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich, and former VP Dick Cheney at the microphone. The problem is that all of these people and their views are also at odd with their core constituencies. This will only serve to drive the Republic Party deeper into the obyss.