Proof Why Religion Has No Place In Politics

Posted: Wednesday, June 24, 2009 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: , , , , , , , ,

The recent events in Iran are a perfect example why religion has no place in politics. While religious people founded this nation, they were smart enough to do so while clearly providing in our constitution for a separation between church and state.

The evangelical right would love to have us forever debating the difference between Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays as if it were some sort of mandate to the retail sector, but the fact of the matter is that this is not the issue. This was not a mandate from the government to the retail industry, but rather the retail industry making an attempt to be respectful of all religions by having sales people use the Happy Holidays in lieu of Merry Christmas.

It doesn’t restrict any customer from saying Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, or whatever holiday they happen to celebrate. Yet the religious right would have you believe that this is the beginning of the end of christainity on the face of the earth and the only way to prevent it is to have one universal language, one religion, one political party, one nation under God, their God and no other God, so help us God.

What a wet dream it would be for neo-cons if that could actually happen. Could you imagine an elected president, republican of course, but with Rush Limbaugh forever as the Supreme Leader? – What a fucking nightmare! – If America did establish Christainity as it’s universal religion, how long would it be before the first American was sent to jail for dissenting or even worse, shot dead in the street by The National Guard at the order of the American Christian Council that oversees the President? –

I surely believe this is what George W. Bush tried to do during his 8 years in office, but to a much lesser extent, of course. Nevertheless, any extent to where religion is allowed to play a role in politics, is the starting point for the next republican whack job to carry it to the next level.

The way that Ahmadineajad and the Council of Clerics are responding to the election protestors is eerily similar to how the American evangelical right responds to crisis when their own sheep stray from the flock. Take the Mark Foley scandal for instance. They blamed Foleygate on the internet. Then they blamed the gays and political correctness.

Of course these two targets we now know were nothing more than way to divert attention away for the GOP cover-up by demanding an investigation of the “outside help” that was responsible for the October surprise.

"The media and homosexual networks, also owe a public account because they have helped turn what could have been one mans tragedy last year, into this years politics-laden “October Surprise.” Congress should authorize it’s own internal investigation, make it fully independent, and empower it to look at everything, including the role of outside groups. If we’ve learned anything about members of congress gone wild, they’ve usually had plenty of “outside help.”

Of course it didn’t take much digging before the GOP cover-up was discovered and that many, if not every republican leader on the hill already knew or had heard that Mark Foley had a fondness for teenage boys serving as congressional pages.

Even on the democratic side, the moment that I hear any candidate mention God or Praying related to their campaign or their own political ambitions, they have lost any chance of my vote now and forever.

If you want to pary for the safety of our soldiers fighting for democracy around the world, I’ll pray with you. If you want to pary for our country to rebound quickly from these troubled times, I’ll pray with you, but if you publically state that your candidacy is in the hands of God, then you’ve just fucked up in ways that can never be undone as far as my vote is concerned.

YA GOT IT? – GOOD! – NOW GET TO WORK ON SOME GOD DAMN HEALTH CARE REFORM! - Go on! - You don't have time to sit around reading my bullshit!

Chico Brisbane.