In God We Trust Weather You Like It Or Not?

Posted: Thursday, July 23, 2009 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: ,

While I am a raging liberal democrat, I am an American first and foremost and in being such, I fully embrace our founding documents including the spirit in which they where written, and yes! – Including the many references to God. Weather you like it or not, our nation was founded by Christians and while the phrase In God We Trust adorns the wall in the House of Representatives, it is the one thing that should never be up for a vote or open to debate.

To restrict any words found in The Constitution or The Declaration of Independence is the same as rejecting the validity of those very documents. If these references to God violated the intent of separation of church and state, it stands to reason that the framers would not have included them in the very document where that provision exists. I believe the average 7th grader could determine that the intent of separation was to prohibit the government from imposing a particular religion or mandating its practice upon the people.

If it where the founders intent to shove Christianity down out throats, our founding documents wouldn’t refer to an ambiguous “Creator” or God” and instead of In God We Trust, they would have written In Jesus Christ our Lord We Trust. Even the most cursory review of our founding documents makes it clear how intelligent and forward looking our founding fathers where. I find it harmful that children no longer recite the pledge of allegiance in school as I did when I was a child. I distinctly recall it giving me a sense of pride in my country on a daily basis and I am fearful of what effect not having this experience will have on future generations.

While this is one aspect where I deviate from a large segment of my party, it is not the only issue. That being said, I take comfort in belonging to a party where I am not expected to march in lockstep and tow the party line.