Stehpen Colbert Demands To Make Keith Olbermanns Worst Person List

Posted: Saturday, July 18, 2009 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: , , , ,

Keith Olbermann named the "Wall Street Journal," the "Washington Times," and Fox News the "Worser People In The World" on Tuesday for sending emails to Governor Mark Sanford when he was missing saying the media frenzy surrounding his disappearance was ridiculous and promising him "friendly ground" for interviews.

Olbermann refused to lump Stephen Colbert, whose pompus Colbert Report is modeled after Bill O'Reilly's pompus O'Reilly Factor even though Colbert wrote this email to Sanford:

As you may know, I declared myself Governor of South Carolina last night. I went power mad for abut 40 seconds before learning that Gov. Sanford was returning today.

If the governor is looking for a friendly place to make light of what I think is a small story that got blown out of scale I would be happy to have him on. In person here, on the phone, or in South Carolina.

Stay strong, Stephen

Of course, when he wrote this he had no idea the governor was not in fact on a hiking trip, but that has not stopped Stephen from demanding Olbermann name him the worst person in the world. He even upped the ante last night by hitting a baby with a puppy.

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Stephen Wants to Be the Worst Person in the World
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