Glenn Beck Losing Even More Advertisers

Posted: Wednesday, August 12, 2009 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: , ,

Thanks mostly in part to an online group ColorOfChange.Org and a viewing public that knows when too far, is too far. However, if today’s Glenn Beck show is any indication of what Beck considers toning it down, then the next move is to have Mr. Beck removed from television and relegated to radio like Mr. Limbaugh was a decade ago. Unless Beck offers a sincere, on-air apology to President Obama, his show needs to go dark.

On his show today, Glenn Beck said - “America, there is so much anger and hatred in this country right now and it is important that we have an honest conversation here and understand clearly what is being said on this program.”

This is obviously in response to the loss of advertisers, but after attempting to give the perception that people only misunderstood was he says on his tee-vee and radio programs, Beck dove head first into a history lesson on Eugenics and how it didn’t start with Nazi’s, but with American Socialist, and Progressives.


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