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Katy Abram cast herself into the national media by attending a townhall meeting hosted by Sen. Arlen Spector. Her over-the-top rhetoric about "awakening a sleeping giant" set her up for interviews with local media as well as national media such as her embarassing segment on MSNBC's Hardball and The Fox News Channels Hannity's America. On Hardball, Katy Abram praised her health insurance plan which she described as a "health savings account that has a $5,000 plus dollar deductable." yet she continued by saying that "over the course of a year "we pay all of our medical cost, doctor visits out-of-pocket." Abrams then mentioned that it has been tough this year because "my son had surgery and it looks like we have a second surgery, but we're almost at our deductable, so that's good." Abram said to my utter disbelief as well as, I am sure, the many millions that where watching and listening as the words left her mouth.

However, the most stunning part of the interview was when Hardball guest host Lawrence O'Donnell questioned Abrams about her claim that she was 35 years old and never had an interest in politics until now. When asked how she made it through 9/11 and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with out taking an interest, Abrams replied. "To be honest, I didn't really care. I had other things going on. I was busy getting married, having kids. It really wasn't a priority."

On Fox News' Hannity's America, host Sean Hannity didn't really ask any substative questions. Instead, he used the segment to prise Abram and her husband who also took part in the segment.

We know know that Abrams wasn't as disinterested in politics as she indicated during that townhall meeting, or her subsequent interviews with Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity. It is now known that Abram is a member of Glenn Beck's 9/12 Project and according to messages that Abrams posted on the 9/12 Projects Message Board, she was very active in hosting meetings and recruiting others to attend a meeting sponsered by her and her husband. I suppose you could say that Abrams is a community organizer. Rut-Row!

Now Abram is engaged in a media tour in protest of the wave of nagative criticism being hurled at her left and right, including myself. Like Heather Blish who also thrust herself into the media spotlight by claiming to be just a regular citizen and not affiliated with the Republican Party. It was quickly learned that Blish was not only affiliated with the Republican Party, but it's Co-Chair for the local committee.

If Abram didn't want the feel the wrath of the "real" outraged segment of the American electorate, she should have either said that she has only been interested in politics since Obama's election, or not given any indication of the length of her political interest. I admit that some of the criticism is mean spirited and as over-the top as her own rhetoric, but to that end I would like to quote former Vice President Dick Cheney by saying - "SO WHAT!" If you can't take the heat, stay out of the God Damn kitchen.

More importantly, what Abram is experiencing now should give her a good indication of how the Senators and Congressman feel when they encounter the very type of rude and hostile mob that she made herself a part of. She got up and tried to embarrass Sen. Spector with her right-wing talking points at a voice level that was far beyond necessary. So, I guess that settles it? Payback is a bitch........

- Chico Brisbane

Katy Abram's messages postings from Glenn Beck's 9/12 Project Members Forum.

Katy Abram
Posted Feb 28, 2009 4:09 PM
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if anyone would like to join us in Lebanon, PA please click this link to join our group. Here we can keep in touch with eachother...'

Posted Feb 27, 2009 8:24 AM
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I am located in Lancaster County, Lititz, to be exact. I am looking for a "Surround Them" Get Together (Glenn Beck project) somewhere in this vicinity. Debbie I am hosting a party in down town Lebanon. We are only 25-30 minutes away. We are meeting at the Downtown Lounge on Cumberland Street.

Posted Mar 5, 2009 2:23 PM
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my husband and i are hosting a party in Lebanon, PA. I was going to have it at our home, but if we have enough attendees I will move it to a local restaurant/pub. Let me know if you're interested. We're 25-30 minutes from Hbg and 25 minutes from Manheim

Below is Abrams tearful radio interview with Glenn Beck, in which Beck tells Abrams that the nagative attention that she is getting is the result of the left not having an argument and than in those cases, they resort the the tactics of Iranian Leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.


  1. Guest said...
  2. This is by far the best article that I have read about this woman and I've been reading about her for several hours. You are right on the money Chico Brisbane and you just nailed it from start to finish. >>>>Chico Brisbane.Com saved to favorites.

    New Hope, Mn.

  3. Chico Brisbane said...
  4. I appreciate you refering to my blog post as an artical. It's one of the benefits of blogging. I am hell-bent on putting an end to this staged outrage at townhall meeting and on Fox News for that matter. Connecting this woman with Fox News, Glenn Beck and his whacky 9/12 Project is what needs to be done everytime someone wants to "pretend" that they're just "joe blow" from around the way.

  5. Guest said...
  6. ooooh....aweeeee....ooooh! She is a member of glenn beck's 9/12 project? You mean the one that he just started a few months ago? No way! Aren't all the members just everyday, middle class, hard working people? Y'all should really be ashamed. She obviously has no past political experience. So, why are y'all attacking her? Why are y'all so scared of anyone might have a different opinion than yours? and why must you tear them down? It really only makes you look small.

  7. Guest said...
  8. <div class="D_col">
    <div class="D_colbody"><dl class="stats"><dt> Check her profile on Meetup Says member since</dt><dd>December 16, 2006 </dd><dd> Link can be found on Daily Kos IF YOU NOT TOO AFFRAD OF THE TRUTH !

  9. Guest said...
  10. Why shouldn't she be torn down? - Isn't that what she tried to do to Sen. Specter? - She thought that she was going to go down and unterrupt a town hall meeting that wasn't even in her voting district, or sponsered by a member of her political party and spout her Glenn Beck rhetoric and then fade quietly back into obscurity. Well...she was fucking wrong, wasn't she? - Let that be an example to any other "outraged average working class people" who think that they are going to stop "real" debate with their mob mentality.

  11. Guest said...
  12. <span> Check her profile on Meetup </span>
    <span>Says member since December 16, 2006 </span>
    <span>Link can be found on Daily Kos </span>

  13. Nancy Boys said...
  14. Yep, dec. 16 2006 is more then just a few months. Well...unless y'all been smoking crack for a few years
    <span style=""><span style=" color: #3333ff;"></span>

  15. Guest said...
  16. Katy was already loudly supporting the Conservative agenda when she wrote a review for Sean Hannity's book (Deliver Us From Evil) on in March of 2004.  Katy states:

    "First and foremost I am a conservative who has seen the light after working a number of years in the liberal television media. While working in television I didn't see it. I didn't see the liberal workings because I was a part of it. After leaving to become a stay at home mom I see time after time how much my former counterparts spin everything. As a result I have returned to my original God given roots of conservativism." "I bought Sean's book this weekend and it again has stirred the fire in my belly."

    Katy wrote that review shortly into Bush's 2nd term in office, and she was obviously very interested in and passionate about Conservative politics.  Your average polictically "disinterested" citizen would not choose Hannity's book to simply pass the time, and then take the time to write a passionately positive recommendation defending Hannity's views and the Conservative movement.  This review just does not support Katy's story that she is newly awakened to politics.  Why would she not just say she is a long time Conservative who doesn't believe in Obama's policies?  Why is she trying to pretend that she is something else with a smoke screen and dishonesty?  I think there is much more to Mrs Katy Abram and her associations then we know yet and I think we fill find out soon enough that she is not as clueless about politics and she is pretending to be.
    Here is the link to the Amazon book review if you would like to read the whole thing in context.

  17. Guest said...
  18. Did you find all of this out simply from googling her name?  That's hilarious!  These people show over and over again that they believe that it's okay to lie as long as you don't get caught!  There is nothing Godly about the conservatism I've been seeing for the last 30 years!  Jesus is a liberal lefty who never charged for health care, and he's not happy with what he is seeing from these people who use his name in their pious rhetoric.  Jesus gave tot the poor, he didn't hate them! 

    Jesus preached against greed that left more poverty, like the poverty that has increased since the repubicans took office in 2000.  These people cause poverty, then hate the people who are poor.  Katy said she believed that people should rely on the kindness of strangers.  Why?  Because it's worked so well up until now?  There is nothing Christian about these people!  How shocked will they be when they meet their maker and he says, go away, I knew you not!


  19. Guest said...
  20. You Wrote: "Why is she trying to pretend that she is something else with a smoke screen and dishonesty?"

    Because that is the M.O. of the townhaller movement. They know the media will be there and they pretend to be just "the average American" speaking out against this issue or that issue. There was one man in a news clip that said "i', a registered democrat and I voted for you!" at a town hall meeting. It was latry found out that not only was he not a registered Democrat, he didn't even live in that Sate and obviously had never voted for that senator. It's a media campaign to kill, not a liberal agenda, but a blak mans agenda. When these people say that they want their country back, they mean that they want a white man back in the White House. It's racism disguised as political debate. 

  21. Guest said...
  22. Because that is the M.O. of the townhaller movement. They know the media will be there and they pretend to be just "the average American" speaking out against this issue or that issue. There was one man in a news clip that said "i', a registered democrat and I voted for you!" at a town hall meeting. It was latry found out that not only was he not a registered Democrat, he didn't even live in that Sate and obviously had never voted for that senator. It's a media campaign to kill, not a liberal agenda, but a blak mans agenda. When these people say that they want their country back, they mean that they want a white man back in the White House. It's racism disguised as political debate. 

  23. Chico Brisbane said...
  24.  <span>Did you find all of this out simply from googling her name?  </span>

    <span>Google is a good tool, so is Lexus-Nexus. But I use other data bases where you can find out  virtually everything about a person. Where you work, where you live, credit, mortgage balances, what blockbuster or netflix movies you rent, those cards you swipe at the grocery store will show if you buy tobacco, achohol, etc.</span>
    <span>you can look at home phone bill, cellular phone bills, who people talk to and how often, retrive text messages, etc. </span>

    <span>Katy Abram is simply feeling the effects of being dishonet and trying to manipulate public discourse through diception. The underlying truth about tactics such is these is that they are used by people or groups of people who realize that presenting their issue or agenda from a truthful standpoint will not be successful because there are too many people with an opposing view. There are 300 million people in the country and for the "public outrage" to be legitimate, there would have to be at least 125 million townhallers and there is not, I would doubt that there more then 100,000 - but if uou have 100 people show up at every townhall meeting, it gives the perception that the outrage is nationwide and held by a majority.</span>

  25. Chico Brisbane said...
  26. Republican Official poses as not republican at townhall>

  27. Guest said...
  28.  Heres a link to that lady that tried to pass herself off a not a republican

  29. Guest said...
  30. ASSHATS! Get a life! I hope you get put into this position very  soon! Then we will see just how well you survive people denigrating you as you have denigrated Katy Abrams.

  31. Guest said...
  32. This is pitiful.  Do you have nothing better to do than to denegrate a wife and a mother, who was invited by Arlen Spector, to the town hall meeting, and she simply voiced her opinion, which is she opposes this health care bill.  I thought all of you were for freedom of speech, or is that only when people agree with you!  Why don't you read the bill and find out for yourselves that what these people are saying is actually true.   

    Since when was writing a book review or joining the 912 project in 2006 show that she is a longstanding political activist?  Her point was that after all the legislation that has been crammed down our throats, that a majority of people were against, she and others now feel like they can no longer stay at home and say nothing.

    If you really want a good juicy story, why don't you go after the people that are involved with Acorn and SEIU.  They are being paid to go out to these town hall meeting and cause a ruckus, and they don't even know what's in the bill.

  33. Guest said...
  34. The interview with Katy Abram and Lawrence O'Donnell is a disgrace.  The question he asked her about 9/11 and the war was a trap and idiotic.  Her answer had nothing to do with saying she didn't care about those events, but merely she was not interested in going out and protesting after these events occurred.  This is shameful rhetoric, and to pick on an average citizen is disgraceful.  For those who are criticizing Katy for her interviews, you try going on a show where you are asked stupid questions and see how you respond!!!!

  35. Guest said...
  36. Katy is anything BUT an average citizen.  I can't even say what she is, but to educated people she on the same level as Octomom.............Rut Row! 

  37. Guest said...
  38. Oh that is laughable! Because she "joined" Glen's 9/12 website she's part of some scary group? I think signing up only 4 months ago is pretty recent to me! The fact you and your readers are all up in arms about her is because her words (not that loud and not that over the top...the man who spoke before her was shouting) stung the left. The dems should be worried about awakening a sleeping giant because there is an election coming up in 2010! I hope we get to say BYE BYE to many of them. Go Katy for standing up and facing the one of the biggest crooks in congress!
     also saw her interview on MSNBC and she shouldn't have to tell ODonnell how much they make a year. Nor should she have words put in her mouth like he did. It's also none of his business whether her parents are on medicare. She's not on trial...her parents aren't on trial. America is putting this phony healthcare bill on trial.

  39. Guest said...
  40. Agreed! She showed up with her talking points written down about wanting her country back????? Where has her country gone in 6 months???? She was protesting healthcare reform but shared with America that her family pays for all of their Medical cost out of pocket???? WTF? - Then she says that her healthcare policy has a $5,000 decuctable???? Double WTF??? - Maybe Katy should go over the part of the bible about reaping what you sew. She when there with a purpose that had nothing to do with healthcare, but rather to rudely confront Sen. Spector with nonsence! - It blew up in her face, plain and simple. You can bet that we've most likely seen that last of Mrs. Abram.

  41. Tammy said...
  42. Awesome job on this post. I think that womans political leanings formed after her marriage since she said that she never talks politics with her parents. But to write a glowing review for Sean Hannity's book on Amazon 3 years ago, Join Glenn Becks 9/12 project a year ago,  organize meetings for other 9/12'ers months ago, and then go on TV a few weeks ago and claim not to have had an interest in politics until now is laughable.

    Hopefully being torn apart in the media and in the blogosphere :) GO CHICO - will give pause to others who want to get on TV and pass themselves off as "Regular Americans" who have never done this or that, nerver had an interest in this or that, but are then found to have done this or that, and that there where interested in this or that.  Particularly If they know that it's thier friends and neighbors who will most likely be the one that lets the cat out of the bag.

    You're right Chico, she could have just said noting other then why she's ticked off, but she had to speak for everyone "That's why everyone in this room is ticked off"

    That's a standard FOX NEWS ploy " Americans agree" or "Most Americans would say that" and then fill in the blank to make it sound as if they've done the research and have verified the claim. It's a total BullShit whistle to me and everytime I hear someone making a blanket statement for others, it a good indication that it's bullshit.

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