Townhaller Katy Abram Writes 04' Review Of Sean Hannity Book

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Townhall protestor Katy Abram said to Pensylvania Sen. Arlan Spector "I'm 35 years old and I haven't been interested in politics until know.
You've awaken a sleeping giant!" - Once the news clip hit the airwaves, it went viral across YouTube. The same can be said about Abram's subsequent appearances on MSNBC's Hardball and Fox News Channels Hannity's America.

In a previous post at ChicoBrisbane.Com, we highlighted that Abram's disinterest in politics actually goes back to 2006 when we discovered her connection as an active organizer for Glenn Beck's 9/12 project. Recently a ChicoBrisbane commentor posted a link where Katy Abram offered up a glowing review of Sean Hannity's book Deliver Us From Evil on the Amazon website.

I suspect that it won't be long before we learn that Abram was a member of The Young Republicans. In that review, Abram said that she purchased Hannity's book over the weekend and that it "has stirred the fire in my belly." - Ironically this statement was made more then five years before Abram's claim of having an interested in politics.

I think that at this point in the "townhall" debate, it's safe to assume that the blatent dishonesty of Katy Abram and Heather Blish are indicative of the theatrics that surround the public discourse. Those who speak loudest, hurl the most bullshit. The bigger the sign, the less the sign holder actually beleives what the sign says. - The whole matter reaks of desparation. -

As a final thought, anyone interested picking up a copy of Sean Hannity's book that Abram praised like real Christians praise the Bible, they are widely available across the internet from $0.99 cents to $1.74 - I've posted links below for you shopping convenience.

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Samuel D. Abram Jr.'s profile

March 22, 2004
First and foremost I am a conservative who has seen the light after working a number of years in the liberal television media. While working in television I didn't see it. I didn't see the liberal workings because I was a part of it.

After leaving to become a stay at home mom I see time after time how much my former counterparts spin everything. As a result I have returned to my original God given roots of conservativism. (My parents are so proud). I digress. To the last individual who stated only the rich are conservative...well let me educate you.

I personally have NEVER made over $35,000. My husband is making in the mid $50's...well looky here someone who is a conservative whomakes less than your liberal paycheck. Amazing to think that someone so poor could be a conservative.

Anyhow, I bought Sean's book this weekend and it again has stirred the fire in my belly. I absolutely love this book. Sean doesn't skirt around the issues with a song and dance of rhetoric. He shows CLEARLY and DISTINCTLY how the left left their minds in the gutter.

Their minds are fogged with the rantings of lunatics. They have seen clear proof of the difference of good and evil in the world and are still either oblivious to it or truly choose to turn a blind eye in hopes for recovering the White House. Sean you have truly outdone yourself. Keep up the great work! This is truly a work of love and dedication.

From a poor conservative...
Link to KatyGo's Amazon.Con Review



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