Census Worker Death Suspicious 9/12 Connection

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Clay County Kentucky - Investigators are not overlooking the significance of the 9/11, 9/12 timeline surrounding the suspicious death of a United States Census Worker. The 51 year Bill Sparkman was last seen on September 11, 2009 but drew concern when he did not show up for an afternoon school event where he worked as a substitute teacher.

The following day the body of the missing man was found hanging from a tree nude and with the word "FED" written on his chest. Sources close to the investigation say that the FBI is looking into the 911, 912 connection and if Sparkman was a victim of anti-government and the large congregation of anti-government protesters in Washington D.C. - Although asphyxiation has been determined as the immediate cause of death, the death itself remains unspecified. However, from all indications the investigation appears to be proceeding as a homicide due to the victim being bound by hands and feet.

Typically, homicide investigations would look at locals who have suddenly left the area and traveled to another location to establish an alibi, particularly to a crowded public venue where an individual(s) could be seen by many people of captured on surveillance cameras.

The distance between Clay County Kentucky and Washington D.C. fits just such a scenario, especially in light of the fact that on Sept. 12 the day the body was found, Washington D.C. was flooded with Tea Party Protesters and Supporters of Glenn Beck's controversial 9/12 project. The video below highlights the fear mongering over the very subject of the U.S. Census and it's workers by public figures like The Fox News Channels Glenn Beck, and Minnesota Rep. Michelle Bachmann.



  1. Guest said...
  2. Nothing like baseless innuendo. How do I know it is baseless? You say investigators are not overlooking the significance of the timeline. How do you know this? Who did you interview? What exactly did they say. None of that information is here. So.....baseless innuendo. And sick blogger.

    As for me, I will wait for ACTUAL FACTS.

  3. Guest said...
  4. i herd that too on KSHB that the guy being killed on 9/11 dunno bout the rest of it.

  5. N!X said...
  6. Well the difference between bill O'Reilly is that he wanted Tiller dead and he knew that if he kept on stoking the fire that eventually he'd push some psycho over the edge enough to act. I don't think that Glenn Beck was all over the census thing to get some poor guy hung from tree. I think he was trying to blast ACORN and their involvment in gathering census info.

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