Citizens OK With Citizen Shooting To Death Robbery Suspect.

Posted: Monday, October 12, 2009 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: , , ,

Local citizens are a-okay with the recent shooting death of a fleeing suspected purse snatcher by another citizen as well as a "good samaritan" according to a few local residents.

This broad acceptance of vigilantism seems to be a common thread among senior citizens. They said that this is exactly why that think that a "Citizen Auxilary or a Civilian Army" is such a good idea.

According to a La Habra, California resident who only wishes to be identified as "Kathrine" said after learning that this wasn't a police involved shooting, but a citizen involved shooting. However, it has not turned into potentially a retired police officer involved shooting. Kathrine wondered if the retired police officer was part of thier citizen auxilery.

"You know? The older men who drive around in those white police cars. I think it's good if it helps get criminals off the street." Kathrine said.

Her casual remark sent a chill up my spine because you could tell that it never entered her mind that even a purse snatcher has the right to be judged in a court of law and not shot down by some citizen auxilary. Kathrines lunch partner JoAnne echoed her friends sentimate. I met the pair while having lunch at John's Place nearby on Central Ave.

"Hey! One more creep off the street works for me!" JoAnne said.

I would guess both women to be in their early to mid 70's and I have to say that this blind acceptance of wild west vigilantism is a common thread with this generation. The official story now is that the shooter may be a retired police office who witnessed the purse snatching.


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