Fox Tell's The Truth! - Even When They Lie.

Posted: Thursday, October 22, 2009 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: , ,

According to every recent credible poll -- including the most recent Washington Post/ABC poll released just yesterday morning -- the public in fact strongly supports a public option with its health-care reform package.

In fact, support has risen from 52 percent to 57 percent in recent months. The most recent CBS poll pegs the support at 62 percent.

If by "Obamacare" Hannity means a public option (and he does, having used the term that way previously), then he not only is wrong on the facts -- he has reality exactly reversed.

These are, of course, "opinion" shows. But "opinions" should be based on, you know, actual facts. Because otherwise, they're just lies. Maybe on Fox, we should stop calling them "opinion shows" and start calling them "Newspeak shows."

And the excuse that Fox's bias is relegated only to these "opinion shows" and does not extend to its news reportage is, as we've noted, a grand load of hooey:

If you watch Fox's daytime "news" programs -- from Fox & Friends to Happening Now to Special Report with Bret Baier (where this report aired) -- you'll find that, while they lack the viciousness of the "opinion" programs, they nonetheless are heavily slanted with an anti-administration bias.

Reporters like Carl Cameron and James Rosen constantly bring on Republican spokespeople and reliably transmit GOP talking points as though they represent fact (when in reality they usually have an estranged relationship with the truth).

Anchors like Gretchen Carlson and Trace Gallagher regularly comment on the news they're reporting with an unmistakable right-wing slant.
Media Matters has documented this in extensive detail. They've also come up with a video that illustrates the point beautifully:


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