Glenn Beck Hometown Out $17K Over Key To City

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Glenn Beck may never win a Nobel Peace Prize, but he was given the certemonial key to the city of his homwtown of Mt. Vernon, Washington.

Mayor Bud Norris controversially decided to award hometown boy Glenn Beck not just with the key, but also be declaring Sept. 26 " Glenn Beck Day. In response to the mayors bright idea, approximately 800 people turned out to demonstrate - and it was the largest protest anybody could remember" in the town .

The city council unanimously passed a resolution that distanced itself from the mayor’s decision. Now, the Seattle Times is reporting that the
event cost the small town $17,748.85, which is an amount that has stunned the Mt. Vernon finance director. Additionally, the event didn’t make the $10,000 that the mayor had expected to donate to a local theater:

There were 577 tickets sold that generated $14,425, before expenses. Income from ticket sales would have been higher had Glenn Beck's family, friends, community leaders not eaten up 92 comp tickets. Mayor Norris, using an tried and true Fox News tactic and said that some people say "It's pretty common I’m told." [to comp tickets]

Total ticket sales to the first annual Glenn Beck Day netted $5,746.83. Now! - You subtract $5,754.17 for the hall rental, and another $2,924 for radio ads, that leaves $2,830.

"The radio advertising was to make sure we sold tickets. I didn’t know what kind of response we would get. I didn’t want to go through all this and have 50 people show up," says Norris.

Nevertheless, Norris has no regrets:

"I don’t go to bed at night worrying about what people are saying about me on the Internet or blogs."

Well Mr. Norris! - You know what? - Charlie Fucking Manson has a hometown, but you don't see anyone pulling a groin muscle trying to organize a God Damn tickertape parade for him, now do you!

Maybe those 800 people who stormed City Hall in protest didn't get quite get their message across, but on a lighter note, there was that one citizen holding a sign saying. "He might be an idiot, net he's our idiot. - Welcome Glenn.
Hopefully Glenn will reach into those multi millions that he has and help his hometown with the bill that they racked up for his benefit.


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