God Complex In Congress Over Healthcare Both Left and Right

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Besides being diametrically opposed to an individual mandate that all Americans carry and maintain medical insurance, there are constitutional hurdles that stand in the way that will have to be moved in order to make a mandate possible.

The United States Supreme Court has long upheld the individuals right to refuse any medical treatment, even if that refusal of treatment is detrimental to the health of that person. Therefore, logic no longer resides in the theory of a government to mandate for every citizen to buy medical insurance if the government cannot mandate that any American undergo medical treatment.

Secondly, I have not heard anyone address the number of Americans who reject medical science for religious or other reasons. While the right to deny medical treatment applies only to a competent adult, that fact that courts are over-riding parents wishes to refuse medical treatment on behalf of their minor children is an alarming trend that will eventually have to be applied to all Americans in order to enforce the individual mandate. The right to deny medical treatment will have to go. There is no other way.

I have no opinion about weather a parent has the right to deny medical treatment on behalf of a minor child, but in the case of A Minnesota mom and her 13-year-old son, who has Hodgkin’s lymphoma. She went on the run from law enforcers after a court ordered x-ray showed the boy’s tumors are growing.

The judge in the case says the boy’s parents are medically neglecting him. The family belongs to a church that believes in natural healing and boy himself didn’t want the treatments. As the law stand now, and perhaps rightfully so, only adults have the right to refuse medical treatment, but that right cannot stand in the face of this healthcare mandate.

Cases such as these aren’t isolated by any means, but they bring up a lot of questions. Is this showing obedience to God or is it parental negligence? Didn’t God create medical treatments so why not use them? Or has God predetermined how long we’re all going to live and using modern medicine is ignoring God’s will for our lives?

If Americans give in blindly to an individual mandate, that question will be answered once and for all. It will be the United States Government playing the role of God and denying medical treatment will be ignoring the Governments will for our lives? – God’s will is therefore moot….

Both sides of the aisle in congress are guilty and complicit in this crime against humanity. The Liberals for even entertaining a government forced mandate against the will of the people, and the bible thumpers on the right for not attacking it from a religious perspective.

They’ve attacked from the most ridiculous positions like socialism, Marxism, Nazism, etc. It’s amazing how quick they are to quote the bible, except when the perfect opportunity presents itself to do so.

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