The Police Propaganda War On Marijuana Continues

Posted: Friday, October 30, 2009 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: , , ,

When it come to growing marijuana indoors, I couldn't tell you what would or wouldn't be considered a large indoor grow, but whenever I see or read about police raids in the news or on tee-vee, they're usually pretty elaborate taking up every room in the house.

These "indoor grows" also seem to be discovered because the where steeling power from Edison or they were using so much paid for power that Edison tipped off the cops.

But here is what chaps my hide over the issue of how the media reports on the subject of marijuana. In fact, let me correct that. My beef is with the misleading quotes by law enforcement that are either assumptive, misleading, or flat out bullshit propaganda.

In read 'this article'in a local Southern California newspaper and it always make me laugh when I read some of the most reduculous stuff. This was a story about a robbery that lead police to an illegal indoor marijauna operation.

So I read about the incident which began about 12:45 a.m. when a man was robbed of his wallet at gunpoint by two men near Amistad and Harold streets in Pico Rivera, sheriff's Sgt. Joe Van Damme said.

Okay, so that cool! - Then I read about how a "witnesses of the armed robbery provided deputies with a license plate number of the suspect vehicle and how Pico Rivera station deputies responded to the registered owner's address in the city of Whittier.

Awesome! - But Chico don't care about no stinking robbery - Come on man! - Give me the 411 on this indoor marijuana growing operation. Okay, so deputies sent in a police dog, which found the suspects and bit one of them and he was hospitalized for treatment of his injury according to LA County Sheriffs Sgt. Van Damme. OKAY! - You Go Jean Claude, but I wanna hear about the weed!

This is what I got at the very bottom of the news article: "While inside the house, deputies discovered a small marijuana growing operation of about three plants."

SAY WHAT! - 3 Plants? - That's a marijuana growing operation?"

I just don't understand the need or the desire for the law enforcemnents propaganda war on marijauna, particularly the issues surrounding medical marijuana and the dispensaries that provides it to patients.

You got Rush Limbaugh sending his maid into some shady side of town with a cigar box full of cash to make an Oxy-Cotin buy, you've got kids dropping dead at underground raves from meth O.D.s' and popping pills intended for large animals, you got meth labs popping up like dandilions, yet they seem hell bent on making marijuana out to be the worst of the worst when it comes to thier war on drugs.


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