Police Use False Media Campaign On Medical Marijuana

Posted: Tuesday, October 6, 2009 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: , , ,

Diamond Bar, Ca. – Local law enforcement seems to be hell bent on creating an unfounded and often false narrative in the media to connect some marijuana growing operations to “The Mexican Mafia” or “Cartels” when the facts in those particular cases do not support such a claim.

Sheriff’s deputies Wednesday pulled up thousands of marijuana plants growing on a hillside near a residential neighborhood across from Diamond Ranch High School, officials said.

“One of our air units saw this grove that we’re working on right now. They took four people into custody, and what we are doing today is removing the marijuana and the water lines they were using to grow it” Said Los Angeles County Sheriffs Lt. Phil Abner.

The grove, which was located in the hills above Diamond Ranch High School near Scenic Ridge Drive, was estimated by Abner to contain “at least 2,000 plants, maybe more.” Abner went on to estimate the crops value between $8 and $12 million dollars.

Four suspects were taken into custody and are being charged with cultivating marijuana. Deputies have not yet released the suspects, but a local resident who did not want to be named described the individuals as you white males and possibly juveniles. Hardly the type one would associate with the Mexican mafia, which calls into question the reason or perhaps the motive for Sheriffs Lt. Phil Abner referring to such a sinister scenario as a “Mexican cartel” regarding this particular incident.

Abner said that an increase in the use of marijuana explained why the Department has seen a rise in the number of grow operations, blaming this partly on “baloney legislation” allowing the use of medical marijuana, which is an utterly false statement.

According to Abner, “there is no legal delivery system, so they have clinics that provide marijuana, but there’s no legal way for them to obtain it. So it’s illegally grown like this.” He said which is also not exactly a true statement.

Southern California is dotted with hundreds of licensed marijuana clinics that are supplied by licensed growers; the problem comes from unscrupulous clinic owners who grow their own marijuana on public lands to increase profits. The fact that this grow or any other grow is illegal is not in dispute, what is in dispute is an ongoing media campaign by local law enforcement to tie every raid on an illegal grow to California’s medical marijuana act and the Mexican Mafia or Drug-Cartels.

If Lt. Abner is going to be a spokesperson for the State Legislature, perhaps Sheriff Leroy Baca should see to it that he reads the bill and understands it fully before providing commentary to the media. We’re just saying.


  1. Anthony Taurus said...
  2. The reason for the campaign is two-fold. First, the cops want the Byrne grant money which offers a monetary incentive for busting drugs and users. Potheads are the easiest targets because marijuana is easier to deal with than meth addicts or crackheads. They know dealing with a meth addict might get a cop killed as opposed to dealing with a marijuana user or grower because we're nonviolent.

    The second reason is that they don't want to lose their jobs. We all know CA can save billions on law enforcement costs if they legalize marijuana. That translates into lost jobs and lost overtime pay as well as lost access to easy work.

    Their campaign won't stop. The fact that they disrespect the will of the people alludes to a judge dredd complex where they believe they ARE the law. They don't understand that they are law enforcement. The people make the rules. They just have to follow them. These police are not doing the job they were hired to do - protect and serve the people of California.

  3. N!X said...
  4. I think my tax dollars would be better spent if they did focus on the meth producers and users. I've read statistics that meth addiction can lead the most violent crimes. There was a police shoot out in Chino Ca. recently at a Papa Johns that was pulled off, or attempted to be pulled off by a couple of tweekers. When the smoke cleared both robbers where shot, one cop was shot, and one innocent bystander was dead because the cops mistook him for a 3rd robber.

  5. Joe In The OC said...
  6. That diamond bar are seems to be a hot bed for marijuana raid over the past year. Not groves so much, but grow houses and you're right N!X, 7 out of 10 news items I found, someone speaking on behalf of the Los Angeles County Sheriffs stated that these bust are "typically" connected to "Mexican Drug Cartels" although I couldn't find any comments regarding the "Mexican Mafia" if there is even a difference between the two. I'm not sure about that. It's a way to put those words, terms and phrases out in the minds of the public to make it seem as if Mexican Cartels are infultrating their community which is a direct result of legalizing medical marijuana.

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