Rush Limbaugh's NFL Dream Killed By Hatred

Posted: Friday, October 16, 2009 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: , ,

Poor Rush suddenly the victim of the type of petty vendictiveness for which he is the architect. As I listened to Rush enumerate the tactics used to bring about his ousting from the group bidding for the St. Louis Rams, it was as if he was reading from his own playbook. Rush said:

"What I am now going to be known as is the mirror. I am the man who showed the country what America is becoming. But those people who enabled this event (his ousting) for thier own racial reasons, their own ratings, thier own fundrasing, their own facetime, their own business reasons. They are going to be just as unhappy as they were before this happened. It's a collection of unhappy, angry, aggitated people and that's not going to change. But this kind of stuff, this misreporting, malreporting, lying, repeating the lies, repeating the made up quotes. The blind hatred, and belive me the hatred that exist in this is found in the sports writer community. It's found in the news business, it's found in the race hustler business. As I said yesterday and I don't know how many time on this program, I love the National Football League. I don't dislike anything about it. I'm a fan, but the hatred that I am able now to mirror for the country to see is all over the place. I tell you with absolute sencerity, I am more sad for the country then I am for myself......... I'll be right back after this."

Oh Rush, you have always been the mirror for hatred in America, for mis-reporting, mal-reporting, lying, repeating the lies, repeating the made up quotes, the blind hatred. Let me tell you with absolute sencerity Rush, that your sadness is not for the country, it's for you.

You can hear the self-pitty and disappointment in your voice. These people who enabled this event, this thwarting of your life long dream is not hatred Rush. It's called karma, it's called what comes around goes around, it's called paypack is a mother fucking bitch! - For all of your hundreds of millions of dollars, for all of your adoring fans, for all of your self-rightous pomposity, you can't fix this and it's eating you up inside. That'll learn ya.

You're not even close to being right about "those people" being just as unhappy as they were before this happened. Yes, they were unhappy before. Yes they saw a opportunity to kink you down a notch so they took it and it worked. - Are they happy now? - Of course not.....There fucking delirious! - That's what happens to self-rightous assholes like Rush. They get so caught up in thier own bullshit, that they're always looking the wrong way when karma shows up. - 'those people" didn't do anything to you that you haven't done to hundreds, maybe thousands over the years. So just deal with it fat ass, okay! - I'll just leave it at that before I go and say something rude or offensive.

Chico Brisbane


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