Fox News' Lt. Col Ralph Peters Is Dangerous

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Lt. Col Ralph Peters is The Fox News Channels idea of a military analyst, yet every appearance is completely void of any analyitcal substance regarding the issue at hand.

What Peters offers in lieu of analysis, is a breathtaking soliloquy of incindiary rhetoric without fail. The video that I have edited below is based on his “analysis” of the tragic sghooting at Ft. Hood by Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan during his appearance in a segment with Bill O’Reilly.

Instead of asking a question, O’Reilly offered up his “what say you” introduction. Peters wasted no time in referring to the event as the worst terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11pausing just long enough to criticize Military Brass and President Obama for not running immediately to the highest mountain top to proclaim the event at a “Terrorist attack at the hands of a muslim extremest”

“We just need to get a grip on this and put it in perspective. Very straight forward. What happened yesterday at Ft Hood. was the worst terrorist attack on American Soil since 9/11. It was commited by a muslim fanatic who shouted Allah is great and gunned down 44 unarmed innocent soldiers and civilians. And our President tells us not to rush to judgement. To wait until all of the facts are in. What facts are we waiting for? This was an islamist terrorist attackand I’m sorry if it’s inconvenient for Washington to face the facts, but there is no question about it. It was a terrorist attack, it was committed by an islamist. we knew he was an islamist, military did nothing about it out of political correctness. So, Bill what am I missing?”

Well….becides having a few screws loose and/or missing, Lt. Col. Peters want’s “President Obama to take a stand and stop all of this – Oh! there is no islamist terrorism” which President Obama never said. Furthermore, Peters said earlier that President Obama doesn’t want us to rush to judgement.

What President Obama said was that he was in direct contact with The Joint Cheif, Secretary Gates, DHS and that he is being updated and that we shouldn’t “jump to conclusions” not over terrorism, or Islamic extreamist, but rather what motivated an American Army Maj. to commit this particular act, on this particular day and time after nearly a decade of military service. Unless Lt. Col. Peters is privy to some information that proves that Hasan joined the ROTC while a college student at Virginia Tech and then the Army specifically to carry out this act some 9 years down the rode, he should respectfully shut the fuck up.

Particularly with all four cable news channels reporting that Hasan was dead as will as the female officer that fired upon Hasan and brought the gunfire to an end. Neither turned out to be true.

Peters and O’Reilly used the remainder of the segment at how the other media outlets have stayed clear of calling this a terrorist attack and how Fox News is the only place where viewers will hear this kind of analysis. Let’s not forget that this is the same Lt. Col. Ralph Peters that added his two cents regarding Pvt. Bo Bergdahl, 23 who was captured by the Taliban.

I find it Ironic that the first words out of Lt. Col. Peters mouth when apparing on Fox News with Julie Bandaras.

“Well…first of all Julie I want to stress we must wait until all of the fact are in before we make a final judgement.”

This is the exact course of action that President Obama is taking, but the difference in the mind of an absolute fucking whack job like Lt. Col Peters is that Pvt. Bergdahl is a 23 year old white boy from Ohio, while President Obama and Maj. Hasan are not. Therefore utalizing the same sound judgement of waiting for all of the facts to come in is suddenly not the right course of action when it’s coming from a half-breed President regarding a Sandnigger Army Major. Now am I trying to hint around that Lt. Col. Peters distain for President Obama and Maj. Hasan is based on thier race. Absolutely not! – In no way, shape, form, or fashion am I hinting around about any such thing. I’m saying it flat out! – Not only is Lt. Col. Peters nuttier than a Chinese Chicken Salad, he’s a fucking racist! – PERIOD!

Now I’m just going to leave it at that before I endup saying something rude or offensive. If Fox News had a half a brain, they’d fire Col. Peters and find someone else. ANYONE! – Col. Sanders, Captain Kangaroo, Mr. Fucking McGoo, anyone else would be a vast improvement over this malignant son of a bitch.

Chico Brisbane


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