Lou Dobbs Get's Glenn Beck's Timeslot?

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Back in July, ChicoBrisbane.Com raised the question if Lou Dobbs sudden departure from reality was in any way a subliminal
screen test for The Fox News Channel.

I think that the departure of Lou Dobbs from CNN is not as much of a loss as it will be made out to be. Chico Brisbane has held a boycott of CNN since the election of Barack Obama and it is really the respectible journalist like Cooper Anderson that I enjoy, but haven't seen for more then a year because CNN refused to fire Lou Dobbs.

I think where Lou Dobbs went wrong was when he jumped aboard the crazy birther train with the likes of Alan Keys and the third whackiest bitch in the world Orily Taitz. Do either of these people have anything of value to say? NO! - but that didn't stop Lou from inviting them onto his show and then not blasting them into smitherines. Here what Lou had to say about the subject of Barack Obamas citizenship.

"I believe Barack Obama is a citizen of the United States, folks, don't you? But I do have a couple of little questions, like you. Why not just provide a copy of the birth certificate? That's entirely within the president's power to do so. Then all of this nonsense goes away," Dobbs said on his radio show after Obama's birth certificate had been posted online for months. After the Dept of Vital Statistics had announced that Hawaii has digitized all birth certificates and that the originals had been destroyed.

Now Lou Dobbs is gone from CNN and not of his own chosing by the way. He had been warned to tone it down after executives saw the American responce to Glenn Beck's hatfulness and how sponsors will not hesitate to cut ties with little or no warning. Lou didn't listen and this was the result. Period!

PS: My prediction is that Lou Dobbs will replace an already burned out Glenn Beck on Fox News in Beck's timeslot.
I'm just saying.

Chico Brisbane



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