Rush Limbaugh: Health Care "It has to be defeated"

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Throughout the course of the show, Rush would repeatedly say that the vote reportedly scheduled for this weekend is really about getting the Senate bill to Obama, that Democrats aren't really that concerned about passing fixes to that bill through reconciliation, and that Obama won't be concerned about the reconciliation package after he signs the Senate bill.


Rush brought up a provision in the reconciliation package that would have allowed the Bank of North Dakota to continue making student loans, even though North Dakota Sen. Kent Conrad already said he plans to kill it.

Rush noted that the Congressional Hispanic Caucus put out a press release declaring its support for the health care bill. Rush said this didn't matter because members of that caucus were never really going to vote against the bill anyway.

After a break, Limbaugh mentioned that Mark Levin's legal foundation is planning to challenge the health care legislation on the grounds that the "deem and pass" procedure is unconstitutional, even though some experts say that it clearly passes muster and has been used many times in the past by both parties.

Limbaugh then played a clip of Obama speaking at George Mason University and said that health care reform actually is about getting undocumented immigrants "amnesty" and health care, because Obama needs their votes to get re-elected.

After a break, Rush talked a bit more about the Bank of North Dakota, calling it a "socialist bank" because it's owned by the state of North Dakota. Limbaugh then noted that Conrad opposes the provision.

Rush moved on to a report that Caterpillar said that its health care costs would increase by $100 million in the first year alone if health care reform passes. He tied this to a report that Caterpillar was laying off 121 workers -- a move that had already been announced.
Limbaugh then launched into a series of sports metaphors to describe the whip count on the bill. Scintillating stuff.

Rush returned to insisting that the Senate bill will be signed into law on Sunday and that the changes to it in the reconciliation package likely wouldn't go through until Congress' Easter break, if they ever act on it at all. Rush described the health care legislation as getting "the big shaft" and told his listeners that "this is tyranny."

Before the end of the first hour, Rush read from a blog post by CNBC's Larry Kudlow and told a caller that the Obama administration has said that 10 percent unemployment is the new norm and that Americans should get used to it. Furthermore, he said, "That's exactly what they want, too."

Limbaugh On Health Care Bill: "It Has To Be Defeated. It Has To Be Stopped"


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