Fox News Ladies Turning Into Stepford Wives.

Posted: Sunday, April 11, 2010 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: , ,

While many refer to the ladies at Fox News as "Bimbots", it's thier strikingly similar transformation upon joining Fox News that seems freakishly odd. Like The Stepford Wives of the 1970s' -- they seem to be unphased by an obvious double-standard that does not exist for the men at Fox News or the women at any other network for that matter.

Infact, this freakishness seems to mimmick that lack of individuality that is commonplace in those rural religious cults where multiple women are required to meet the requirements of the same man.

In an organization as big as Fox News, one could easily assume that such a directive must surely be coming down from the top.
I first started to notice it when Kimberly Gylfoil left Court TV to join Fox News. But the before and after photos below leave little doubt that coincidence or happenstance are at play.


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  2. I've heard that Mr. Murdoch require the lovely ladies of FOX NEWS to have a uniform appearance, which includes plastic surgery if necessary

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