Gretchen Carlson Debunks Federal Income Tax Reform

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Gretchen Carlson uses "tax day" to interview Libertarian author Wayne Allyn Root about his plan to abolish Federal Income Tax. The chyrons on the lower 1/3 of the screen are already buzzing with questions marks.


"Well it's tax day of course but with nearly 47% of households not paying -- ANY! --Federal Income Tax, is it possible to consider abolishing them altogether? Our next guest says he has a realistic, federal plan that would get rid of Federal Income Tax forever. You know, I want to talk to this guy. Wayne Allen Root (sic) how in the heck do you eliminate Federal Income Tax. Tell me how we do it."

Wayne Allyn Root:

Well...first of all, let me start with the definition. It's not greedy to want to keep more of you're own money, it's greedy to ask governmant and the IRS at gunpoint and under the threat of prison to steal it from other who earn it and redistribute it to others. That's the definition of greed. So, my goal is to try to allow people to keep more of thier own money. And the people I am talking about are the tax payers, the small business owners, the people that earn the money in the first place. I am diametrically opposed to my old college classmate Barack Obama who seems to think you take it from the people that work all day to earn it and re-distribute it to those who couldn't care less and sit on the couch and watch Oprah all day."

Root gave a few examples like copying Hong kong with thier 16% flat tax, and eliminating all capital gains tax. He also suggested a "national sales tax" that would completely iliminate federal income tax. Root boasted how tax system emulated his hometown.

"That emulates the State of Nevada where I live, which has been the most sucessful economy and the fastest growing over the last quarter of a century in all the United States."

However, I'm not sure if Mr. Root is aware that Nevada holds the record for the highest rate of bankruptcy filings per capata. What this emulates is a consentrated segment of society where folks got caught up in a falsley percieved notion of thier regionally booming economy. They took extraordinary risk and like Wallstreet, were looking the wrong God Damn way when trouble showed up!

When Root got down to his most dramatic idea, which he called a "States Rights Taxplan" that would eliminate all Federal Taxes. He explained to Gretchen Carlson how taxes are collected at the State level and each state files Federal Taxes and the returns are assign to each state based on population. The concept behind the bright idea was to make the State responsible for collecting those taxes, but doing so in any way they see fit. For example an income tax, a sales tax, or a flat tax. He said that way, people can live in a state that handles taxes in a way that is most beneficial to them.

"How about that? - how simple is that? - Instead of 150 million taxpayers, we only have 50 tax payers in the whole United States, our 50 states. I think that's a constitutional tax plan."

If these federal tax dollars are going to be returned back to the States based on population, someone needs to tell Michelle Bachmann and pretty much everyone over at Fox News to stop talking shit about the God Damn Census. I can already hear Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity telling thier viewers how patriotic it is to fill out your Census in a timely mannor and how not doing so emboldens our enemies.

And as for Glenn Beck...... I can imagine Glenn Beck telling his wackadoodle viewers how he and his family were so God Damn patriotic, they would pile into the family station wagon and go hand-deliver the flippin' Census form directly to Washington. You know? - Just to make sure that the Beck family Census form didn't get lost in the socialist postal system.

You can always count on Gretchen Carlson to purposfully say something untruthful or to accidentally tell the truth. Today she had a little Oopsie-Daisy....
Chico Brisbane


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