Fox News and Looney Lt. Col. Ralph Peters Blast NYT

Posted: Wednesday, May 26, 2010 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: , , ,

When the New York Times printed a story saying that General Petraeus has ordered an expansion of covert military operations, Fox News used their whack-job "military analyst" Ralph Peters to blast the New York Times. WATCH VIDEO:

This is the same Lt. Col. Ralph Peters who said that the Taliban could do us a favor by killing captured soldier Bo Bergdahl, if it's comfirmed that he was captured in the process of deserting. Not only did Peters think that the Times piece put the country in danger, he suggested that the editor had done so deliberately.

As usual, Bill O'Reilly said just enough to make it seem that he was challenging Peters. But O'Reilly also repeatedly gave Peters the openings to make the kinds of accusations that anyone whom has ever heard Peters before would surely make.

"So why do they (The New York Times) do it?" Billo asked Peters, in what was obviously a deliberate attempt to provide Peters with an opportunity to go on the attack against the Times. O’Reilly’s lack of a poker face combined with Peters history, it's hard to believe he didn’t know what he was setting up. "Does (Times head) Sulzberger dislike America that much that he wants to hurt American citizens? Or just does he not know any better?"

This is just another typical Fox News spin piece where they ask more questions then providing answers. The task of "answers" is left to thier Fox News Contributors and Analysts like Lt. Col. Peters and Half-term Gov. Sarah Palin.
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