Glenn Beck University T-Shirts Made In Bangladesh Sweatshop

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Mr. Uber American Patriot Glenn Beck cries over his country and what he fears is becoming of it by day. However, by night his Beck University T-Shirts are being manufactured for pennies on the dollar in one of thousands of Bangladesh sweatshops. Beck has said many times recently that America is no longer a capitalist country, but how does he reconcile his non-capitalist rhetoric when his fetching $36.00 at GlennBeck.Com for one of his sweatshop, slave labor t-shirts?

The t-shirt itself sells for $20, but by the time that Beck is done racking you over the coals for shipping & handling fees, that t-shirt cost $36.00 - I wonder how much the person that actually sewed the t-shirt in Bangladesh was paid? - With the average wage being .10 to .15 cents per hour, it must have been only a fraction of that. I'm a t-shirt collector and as I look through my collection, I've noticed that very few are made in the USA. The ones that stand out are my OBAMA 08 t-shirt, which was less than $25 dollars, but made and printed right here in the good ol' USA. Even my pit-stained P.E. t-shirt from highschool was made in The City of Industry, California according to the label. So is Glenn Beck hurting so bad that he couldn't see to it that his University that deals with American History and the Constitution of the United States of America had their t-shirts manufactured, and printed right here by hard working Americans?

Are these the actions of a person that claims to love his country so much that he cries at the drop of a hat over perceived losses of liberty and freedom. What these people go through in Bangladesh to manufacture cheap apparel for wealthy American capitalist like Glenn Beck is not a perception, it's reality. Maybe Beck needs to go and find the sweatshop in Bangladesh where his t-shirts are manufactured so that he can see what life without liberty and freedom really looks like.

There are dozens of documentaries about the woking conditions in Bangladesh garment factories. Workers starting as young as 10-years old, 18 hour work days, very dangerous environments and for just a few pennies. This human slavery is not a secret to most Americans and particularly those in the "news" business.

Sure Glenn Beck can say that he outsources his online apparel business to an "American" corporation, but you know what? - When that apparel has your God Damn name emblazoned across the front while you're selling yourself to be some sort of heavy duty, industrial strength, labrotory grade class of American Patriot, you need to spend a little less time crying over silly bullshit on tee-vee and focus more on reconciling your walk to make sure that it jives with your talk. I'm just saying....

Chico Brisbane

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  1. Anonymous said...
  2. This may be un-american, but it's certainly isn't "non-capitalist".

  3. Anonymous said...
  4. it's not like a 3 pack of plain white under shirts that you can get at WallyWorld for $7 where your margin is low. These are novilty tees sold at a premium price. Surely someone that claims to "loves America" and rants almost daily how America doesn't manufacture anything anymore could have cut into his 3000% mark up and have the t-shirts made and silk screened here in the US?

  5. Chico Brisbane said...
  6. EXACTLY!! - I could by that 3-pak of foreign made tee-shirts for $7 bucks. But for $9 I buy a 3-pak of cotton tees made right here in downtown Los Angeles. Things haven't gotten so bad for me that $2 bucks more for tee-shirts will run me into the poor house.

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