RNC Chair Michael Steel Takes The G Out of GOP

Posted: Monday, July 5, 2010 | Posted by Chico Brisbane |

Can even rational conservatives be proud to be a republican these days? - Just when you thought that the party couldn't be more divided and out of touch, it's getting worse with every bone headed comment that RNC Chairman Micheal Steel utters.
From day one, Steel had taken the republican party from bad to worse to what now looks more like Lord of The Flies meets Children of the God Damn Corn! - Top ranking republicans are not in opposition of Steel's resignation, inspite of the fact that they know that he won't resign.

The party is not only fractured, but also paralyzed by inaction to do anything that isn't in thier best interest right now if they can put it off until November. Jesus Christ! - When it's gotten to the point where you've got Liz frickin' Cheney on a media blitz calling for the resignation of any republican and particularly the parties chairman, you know it's gotta be bad.

These poor republicans are finding it difficult to tow the party line now that there seems to be more then one party line from which to choose. It's a lose lose situation with one party line slighty askew from the other. The party has fractured in so many different directions that some republicans are trying to distance themselves from factions within their own party.

Lindsey Graham got called out by the South Carolina GOP for suggesting that the Tea Party Movement will fade, RNC Chairman Michael Steel is being slammed for just about everything he says, Joe Batron was forced to walk back his sincere apology to BP for having to cough up a measly 20 billion to assist Americans effected by BP's environmental disaster. Republican Minority Leader John Boener somehow got the bright idea that raising the retirement age from 65 to 70 for Social Security might be a real vote grabber. But wait, there's more! - Just about every republican in both houses of congress have concluded that out of work Americans are not worthy of extentions to thier unemployment benefits.

My neighbor (a republican) lost her job of 22 years and is amazed that folks she voted for can't see their way clear to allow the extentions to pass so that she can continue to collect another 6 months worth of $347 weekly benefits. Which by the way represents slightly more that what she earned on a daily basis while she was working. Either republicans have inexplicably concluded that if you're stupid enough to lose your job, you must be a democrat or they are simply hoping that by November, broke and unemployed Americans won't have much of an appitite for voting.

When Gen. McCrystal made comments non-condusive to the common goals of the task at hand, Obama called him to the white house and fired him right in the middle of a frickin' war. While many speculated over the pros and cons of what Obama would do, it was clear that some pundits were setting the stage to blast Obama's decision whatever it might be. However, after the fact it was clear that most agreed that McCrystal had to go and that Obama did what needed to be done. Now the republican party is faced with it's parties highest ranking official making comments non-condusive with the common goal of the republican party.

Nevertheless, they opt to do what they have become famous for doing - They do nothing! - They remain paralyzed with inaction and obstain from any substative dicision making that isn't in thier best interest if they beleive they can cosmetically downplay the issue until November.
Well at least the republicans now have thier very own poster child in Michael Steel to showcase the pitfalls of affirmative action. Maybe that's the silver lining among the mess that Steel has made of the republican party. Proof positive that affirmative action doesn't work at the executive level.

To be fair. Steel didn't fuck up the republican party all by himself. He had pleanty of help taking the G out of GOP following the 2008 bitch slapping that was handed to McCain and Palin on election night. Since then, what have they accomplished? - Not much! - They're just the OP now....an old party with old ideas. They can't even come together to fire the mother fucker that is destroying their party from top to bottom.

Chico Brisbane


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  2. affirmative action gone wrong...lol

  3. Anonymous said...
  4. The have to keep Steele until at least November. That's a no-brainer.

  5. Chico Brisbane said...
  6. Why do that have to keep him until November. Obama could have kept McCrystal until after the November midterm. He did what had to be done. This is my point. Republicans only do what's in thier best interest.

  7. Chico Brisbane said...
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