Laura Ingraham Tells Guest To See Video At Andrew Breitbart's Website In Heated Exchange

Posted: Wednesday, August 25, 2010 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: , ,

In this exchange between Laura Ingraham and Manhatten Borough President Scott Stringer, Ingraham tried to get Stringer to say whether he agreed with Imam Abdul Rauf’s assertions that America has more blood on its hands than al-Qaeda. He ignored her and instead tried to get her to acknowledge her 2009 interview where she seemed to support the proposed plans.

They both tried to attack each other with examples of violence to show the other side as evil. Stringer brought up a cab driver who was stabbed when his passenger found out he was muslim. Ingraham went on the defensive against the incident citing a lack of details:

"Alright well, we don't know the details, I mean throwing out an example like that. We don't know the details of that Scott. Okay, you want to do an anicdote like that, I'm gonna throw down a dueling anicdote."

So what does Ingraham do? - She tells Stringer that he needs to see a video posted at Andrew Breitbart's website. - It supposedly shows a "Pro Mosqe" supporter shouting at an eldery man who was a holocaust survivor.

Shouting at a protest rally? - That's the best she could do? - Isn't shouting typical behavior at a protest rally? - But to refer anyone to watch a video at Andrew Breitbart's website shows what a tight spot she was in. I mean, folks aren't so fast to take any of Brietbart's videos at face value these days.


  1. Anonymous said...
  2. Sarah Palin? Newt? Divide America? I'm glad Stringer showed his true colors. Bringing up the cab driver incident without known details, is about as irresponsible as Obama saying the police acted stupidly regarding the Cambridge incident without knowing any facts. Then basing his argument on her support of the Mosque and not answering her question reminded me of a adolescent teenager arguing with a parent, trying to manipulate the conversation. Is that the best he could do? Very sad. I'm glad this guy is in the spotlight now. He is the PROBLEM with Manhattan! Americans support building the Mosque!! Just not that location. That's as clear as it can be.

  3. Chico Brisbane said...
  4. The stabbing had already been reported on locally, so it wasn't exactly a rumor at that point. But for Ingraham to suggest that he go and check out a video at Andrew Breitbart's website was knee slapping funny. What facts did Ingraham have about that incident. Besides "Yelling at a protest rally" that's typical behavior, but how does that compare to a religiously notivated stabbing?

  5. Anonymous said...
  6. I haven't heard anyone suggest that CBS is no longer a reputable news source since Dan Rather used faked documents to try to assist John Kerry in his presidential bid. The Sharrod tape was not edited. An excerpt was shown. If we're going to accuse news outlets of dishonesty for showing selective clips of footage, then you pretty much have to kick anyone who's ever done a story on Rush Limbaugh off the airwaves for ethical problems. The Sharrod tape accurately showed that the NAACP is a racist organization, and further that if Sharrod is no longer a racist, she is still firmly a classist. Really, you libs can keep trying to assassinate the character of anyone who uncovers dirt on your figureheads, and you can keep watching your influence over this country fall to pieces. We've reached rock bottom thanks to you lot, and the majority is ready to step in and put the children in their place. You are most entertaining when you're desperate.

  7. Chico Brisbane said...
  8. That don't have to. CBS did what reputable news sources do in situations like this and fired his ass immediately. That sends a clear message as to what will and will not be tolerated. Where you honestly trying to make a point with the Dan Rather incident? Try again....

  9. Joel Krause said...
  10. Anonymous, Chico's right. That was pretty week to try and compare the Dan Rather deal with the doctored video about Shirley Sherrod. You are full of assumptions that have no basis in fact life referring to Sherrod as one of our (liberals) figureheads. And "our" influence over this country fall to pieces. You say that "we've reached rock bottom thanks to you lot, assuming again you mean liberals. You say that "the majority" is ready to step up and put the children in their place. Great! Awesome! That's how it's supposed to work in a democracy. But don't forget that for the passed 50 years and beyond, repubs have always run up the deficit, and dems fix it. Those are our historical rolls within our two party system. The repubs will take control someday. I don't think 2012 will be that day but they will assume power again and the dems will be there to fix it. That's what we do, so try not to be so hyper sensative when your side is out of power.
    Didn't you ever learn to take turns as a child?

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