Now Glenn Beck Says That Progressives Are Terrorist

Posted: Friday, August 6, 2010 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: ,

Glenn Beck said that progressives terrorists today on his Fox News Program. He played his usual 3-card monty with the fact by phrasing some comments in the form of a question. In other instances he begins a sentence with an emphatic assertion, and then slowly ramps down his rhetoric so that by the end of a sentence, he's let all of the air out of the emphatic and hyperbolic assertion that he started with.

Like when he said "I think this President, over and over again has exposed himself as a guy with a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture." But then says in the same breath. "I don't know what it is." which is one of Becks trademark moves.

He'll begin by saying "I don't know what this means, but" and then proceeds to explain what it means after having just said that he doesn't know what it means. He did the same thing today when he said that "Progressives are terrorist." and then assigned the word "terrorist" everywhere it would fit within the paragraph. For example, Beck said:

“Fear is the way they get you to do nothing. It’s a tool. They terrorize you. They call you names. Many of these people are nothing more than terrorists, economic terrorists, free speech terrorists, religious terrorists, racial terrorists. They are attempting to silence you through terror. They have not gone to a flight school or strapped bombs to their chest, but they are terrorists just the same.” we're not that kind of terrorist, but we're terrorists just the same. Just the same as what? - The voices in Beck's head have him convinced that he can convince people that progressives are terrorist just the same as the 911 high-jackers, except we haven't gone to flight school or strapped on a bomb. Not yet at least. And you know what? - There will be people out there that can hear Glenn Beck's wingnut dog whistle loud and clear and he knows it.

Does his fear mongering drive me crazy? - Not at all. - It used to humor me greatly and there was a time when I would rush home to catch his show everyday without failure. But the self-proclaimed entertainer isn't all that entertaining anymore. Beck's crazy rhetoric has become so convoluted, that he's had to turn his Fox News set into a classroom just so he can teach enough revisionist history to fit the false narrative that he broadcast to his loyalist.

“The progressives are going to go crazy over this monologue. I don’t care. They will scream and whine about me calling them terrorists despite the fact that they do it to you and me on a daily basis. They’ll scream that there is nothing wrong with what Congress has done, or with this president and administration has done so far.”

Here is the irony of Glenn Beck and how his rhetoric is tailor made for the selective listeners that adore him. After calling progressives terrorist in about a half dozen different variations with a single paragraph. After telling his viewers that progressive are trying to silence them with terror. Beck tosses out a tiny jab at republicans on his way out the door as if that equals neutrality. Here's what Beck had to say:

"I can’t play that game. I won’t play that game. I still believe that there are people out there who are capable of not seeing the world through the us versus them mentality. There are still Americans who see the big picture of how the very fabric of our freedoms are destroyed when extremists on the Right and Left who insist on demonizing one another, and using scare tactics to gain supporters."

Poor Glenn. It must be absolutely draining to put on that show everyday while trying to remember all of the lies that he's told so they don't conflict with all new lies that are still to come.


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