Republican Nevada Lawmaker Suggest 2% Tax On Food

Posted: Wednesday, August 25, 2010 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: ,

Nevada Assembly Minority Leader Pete Goicoechea, (R-Eureka), broke ranks with his conservative colleagues and admitted that the state is “going to have to have some revenues increased.” Appearing on KRNV-TV’s Nevada Newsmakers Monday, Goicoechea said “I believe that we should have had a 2 percent sales tax on food on the ballot this fall,”

Maybe it's time for Nevada residents to start paying State Income Tax like most other American's do.

That of course will be difficult with republican State legislators unable to deal with the deficit due to signing pledges to not raise taxes under any circumstances. I'm not sure if they believe the deficit will go away if they ignore it long enough or just until after election season.

Either way it's going to have to be paid and taxes are how we increase revenue. My generation paid for the spending spree that Ronald Regan went on and this generation will have to pay for what Bush spent getting us into this mess and what Obama had to spend getting us out of it.


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