Video Arizona Police Turn Woman Over To ICE For Running Stop Sign

Posted: Friday, August 6, 2010 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels:

There is no information on this woman other than the police being able to verify that she has previous voilations on her driving record. She refused to answer police questions about her citizenship, but according to a witness, after the police finished with the traffic infraction, the woman refused to answer any questions about her citizenship without her attorney being present. The police determined that to be sufficient enough to turn her over to The Border Patrol.

If this is some Hispanic looking American citizen trying to trick the police into deporting an American citizen as some sort of protest, this is not a very wise thing to do.

I'm an American citizen, I have a drivers license, and I speak english and spanish. So what would happen if the police pulled me over for running a stop sign, I provide them with valid I.D sufficient to drive a car, but refuse to answer their questions about what other languages I speak besides Spanish or where I was born because I neither of those things have anything to do with the reason that they pulled me over. Just like if they asked me what I do for a living. This may no longer be the case in Arizona, but elswhere the police do not have the right to question you outside of the scope of why they have stopped and or detained a civilian.

If they pulled you over because they think you're drunk, and they ask you if you
have consumed any alchoholic beverages, you are obligated to answer and answer truthfully. Refusing to answer or providing a false answer are both crimes and you can be arrested.

I was once pulled over for talking on my cellphone while driving. I gave the police officer my drivers license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance. I assume to make general chit chat the cop asked me were I was headed to when he pulled me over. I told him that I was on my way home. But then he asked me where I was coming from when he pulled me over and politely said that it didn't matter since it had nothing to do with me talking on my cell phone while driving.

The cop flipped the fuck out. "I asked you a question!" he shouted at the top of his lungs. I told him again to ask me a question related to talking on a cell phone while driving and that I would be more than happy to answer it to the best of my ability.

"Look asshole, I'm gonna ask you ONE MORE TIME! - Where in the fuck where you coming from?"

I told him that I was coming from my grandma's house and without skipping a beat, he says: "Oh is that right? - And where does your grandma live?

"Over the river and through the God Damn woods! - What in the hell does that have to do with me talking on my cellphone!" I said sort of politely.

Out came the handcuffs and into the back of the squad car I went. He spent 10 minutes digging through my car, tossing shit out onto the sidewalk and when he didn't find any drugs or weapons, he gave me my ticket for the cellphone infraction and told me I had 2 minutes to pick up every piece of paper and shit that he tossed out of my car or he'd give me another ticket for littering.

So the cop drives away before I'm even done picking up some empty food wrappers and other stuff, but as soon as the cop left, this dude pops his head up over his backyard fence and tells me he got the whole thing on video. Boy, I would have loved to seen the look on that cops face when he got to work the next day and found that his little hissy fit was caught on video and that his watch commander had a copy.

I'm sure he just go a talkin to, but we have a civilian police commission that will verify that the incident is noted in his employee file. This is exactly the type of abuse that will occur by some police officers in Arizona now that that have this tool at their disposal. Cops somtimes forget that the people that they encounter are part of the citizenry they have not only been employed to protect, but have sworn to protect.


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  2. good one

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  4. In a police state....there is always a law enforcement
    answer to every issue. It starts with an arrest and concludes with a prison sentence. This is how Conservatives deal with their role when they run
    the government...they want government to be small
    except when it comes to police. Arizona has been flirting with Fascism for years and now its going steady with Fascism.

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  6. Who immigration needs to run out of this country is all of the damn Chinese

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