Why Fox News Discredits Bloggers. Even The Little Ones.

Posted: Tuesday, August 3, 2010 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: , ,

We have all seen Glenn Beck reduced to tears while spinning his false narrative about the Obama administrations distroying the country and bringing an end to capitalism as we know it. He has said that "we are not a capitalists country anymore" many time on tee-vee.

What aggrivates me the most is how he uses the term 'hard working Americans" as a generic term for the victims of his many Obama conspiracies. But it was when Beck said that "we don't manufacture anything in the country anymore" that I almost had blood shoot from my eyes. I just happened to be working on this story about Glenn Beck University when I discovered that Beck was selling t-shirts emblazoned with the Beck University Logo for $36 on his website.

I couldn't resist the temptation to order one to see where the t-shirt was manufactured. Guess what? >> MADE IN BANGLADESH. Mr. We Don't Manufacture Anything In This Country Anymore was having his Beck University T-shirts sewn for pennies on the dollar in a Bangladesh sweatshop. I blog this type of stuff because I realize that it's stuff that won't be reported in the mainstream media or even the mainstream blogosphere.

I posted my blog post titled: "Glenn Beck University T-Shirts Made In Bangladesh" on July 22, 2010, which blasted Beck and highlighted how these slave laborers work for pennies on the dollar at the benefit of wealthy American capitalist like Glenn Beck. But

I find it curious that a few days later on July 29, 2010 that Fox News Posted a story at FoxNews.Com titled: "Bangladesh Raises Garment Worker Wages 80 Percent" - Really? That's so fucking awesome. Let's see....I'm not math professor but if you make 10 cents an hour and get an 80% raise, what's that? 18 cents an hour. Wow these people must be dancing in the fucking streets!

Update: Johnnydollar.us has pointed out that the Fox News Story mentioned above orginated from The Associated Press. Actually it was an Associated Press story posted at FoxNews.Com. It is a fact that could have easily been verified rather then lazily wondered about as I did - Shame on me!~. Thank you Johnny Dollar! -

I have forwarded a list of American T-Shirt Manufacturers to the fullfillments center for GlenBeck.Com Online store. Hopefully, it is something that can be taken into consideration in lieu of continuing to importing goods known to be manufactured under the conditions that they are in Bangladesh. We shall see.

So that this post wasn't a total waist and to entertain the bazillions of JohhnyDollar readers that are "Coming to destroy me!" I've posted a video below for everyone to enjoy. It's a heart felt story about the love that exist between Fox News and Bloggers.

So far today, only one JohnnyDollar reader from Fort Washington, Maryland has clicked the link to get here, but I'm willing to bet they've already seen this clip.


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