Rachel Maddow Show Gay Kiss Live

Posted: Wednesday, February 23, 2011 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: ,

Rachel Maddow hosted her MSNBC show at Free State Brewery on Wednesday, discussing current national and state issues, such as union rights, abortion, and DOMA. While discussing the "defence of marriage act" two male bar patrons decided to share a kiss in the background. It reminded me of Will & Grace where Will and Jack took advantage of live television to protest NBC's last minute cancellation of the first televised gay kiss?

I'm not even sure the two male bar patrons are gay. They both seemed to be there with women and had been standing at opposit ends of the bar moments earlier. So I guess this is really more of a same-sex kiss when you think about it. Nevertheless, boys will be boys.

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  2. :)

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  4. I watched the episode live and didn't catch that. Good eye.

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  6. The one on the left is hot

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