LA Weekly Uses Age Progressed Photo Of Charlie Sheen For Blog Post

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LA Weekly has, I hope, unwittingly used an age progressed photo of Charlie Sheen in this blog post today. The cruxt of the post is regarding a $3 million dollar offer to Sheen by a Los Angeles based beverage company.

The Chill Group said it would offer Sheen a $3 million dollar endorsement deal for their "Just Chill" product if he'll shut up know? - Just chill for a month.

It's a great marketing ploy since the products catch phrase is "Live above the noise."

Now what caught my attention immediately was the photo that LA Weekly used for the blog post. It is a still shot (shown below) from an episode of TWO and a half MEN where Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer are made up to look atleast a decade older.

With so many current photos of Sheen available in the public domain, why would they select this image? - It's my guess that Charlie Sheen looks so terrible these days that LAWeekly actually thought it was a current photo. - Nevertheless, poor Charlie can't seem to catch a break. For that reason I used the best photo of Sheen that I could find at the top of my blog post.

Chico Brisbane

Image used in LA Weekly post.


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