Trump's Interview With Meredith Vieira May Backfire Like Palin/Couric Interview

Posted: Friday, April 22, 2011 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: ,

Donald Trump's Obama Investigation "They Can't Believe What They're Finding."

I am just dying to hear the results of Trump's Hawaiian investigation of President Obama. Trump confirmed during an interview with Meredith Vieira that he had people on the ground in Hawaii and that they "cannot believe what they are finding" - It all sounds so sinister.

From my perspective, this interview with Meredith Vieira is going to backfire on Trump like Sarah Palin's Interviews with Katie Couric.

I mean, the investigation isn't even complete and the investigators already can't belive what they are finding. Oh please! - Here is the moment Donald should have peeked at his watch. You know? So he'll know what time it was when he fucked up. I think the Donald has painted himself into a corner like Bush did by sending folks off in search of something that doesn't exist.

At some point, Trump is going to have to come up with something to substantiate his claim that investigators he hired have begun looking into Obama's birth and that "they cannot believe what they've found" so far.

Of course, in reality, Mr. Trumps so-called investigation will most likely wither on the vine and die along with yet another failed presidential publicity stunt.

MEREDITH VIEIRA: You’ve been privy to all of this to know this?

DONALD TRUMP: Well, I have people that actually have been studying it and they cannot believe what they’re finding.

MEREDITH VIEIRA: You have people now out there searching– I mean, in Hawaii?

DONALD TRUMP: Absolutely. And they cannot believe what they’re finding. And I’m serious–”


  1. Anonymous said...
  2. I wonder who Trump would pick as his choice for Vice President?

  3. Anonymous said...
  4. Michelle Bachmann of course

  5. Chico Brisbane said...
  6. It will be a hot Russian woman. He might as well pick Palin since she can already see Russia from her house.

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