CNN's Cooper Anderson Tweets Disappointing Shirtless Picture Of Himself

Posted: Tuesday, July 19, 2011 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: ,

There is no doubt that CNN’s Anderson Cooper can rock a skin tight cotton t-shirt and I became tingly all over when news broke that Cooper had tweeted a shirtless picture of himself on Twitter. However, I was very disappointed when I saw the image in question.

Anderson Cooper tweeted a picture of himself shirtless and covered in mud from an unnamed location on Monday night, and asked his followers to guess where he was.

The world has, of course, seen Cooper shirtless before, when he swam with Michael Phelps for "60 Minutes." Judging from the latest picture—and the slight neck-shoulder ridge thing so common in fitness buffs that he seems to have developed—Cooper has bulked up a bit since then.

If we could just sprinkle some light analysis to this affair, it's worth mentioning that Cooper's daytime talk show is due to start in less than two months. Is this a preview of the lengths he's willing to go now that he's becoming a full-fledged daytime personality?

Nevertheless, the mistery is solved. Cooper Anderson is a dirty boy just as I suspected. Rumor has it that Cooper is partial to "Alfani" brand cotton t's which are available at Macy's. P.S. - he wears a medium.

Chico Brisbane


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  2. Coop needs to take photography lessons from Anthony Weiner

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