Fox News Panel Caught Avoiding News Corp Scandal

Posted: Thursday, July 21, 2011 | Posted by Joel Krause | Labels: ,

CNN’s Brian Todd has uncovered video of a Fox News panel going out of their way to avoid reporting on the corruption scandal surrounding Fox News Channels parent company News Corp.

The dialog in the video clip was for the live streaming audience, but was recorded while the panel assumed they where away for a commercial break. You can clearly hear Cal Thomas get the conversation started.

CAL THOMAS: Anybody wanna bring up the subject we’re not talking about for the streamers?

JIM PINKERTON: Go ahead Cal.

CAL THOMAS: I’m not gonna touch it.

JUDITH MILLER: With a 10-foot turban.

I’m not sure if liberal commentator Alan Colmes (closest on right) was aware of the fact that the conversation was streaming live to online viewers, but you can see him shift uncomfortably in his chair and adjust his tie.



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