Michael Jacksons Dad Joseph Already Trying To Take Control

Posted: Monday, June 29, 2009 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: , , ,

If the members of the Jackson family care about the welfare of their brothers children, they will do everything in their power to make sure that Joseph doesn’t get anywhere near these children, their inheritance, or their brothers estate.

While many Americans were shocked by Joe Jackson’s brief interview with CNN before the BET awards, I was not. Don Lemon asked Jackson a question and he responded by saying “Well first I want to make this statement.” And then instructed his business partner to plug their new music venture that has something to do with Blue-Ray. I really couldn’t understand exactly what he was saying over the heavy ebonics.

Nevertheless, this is typical Joe Jackson behavior that I have seen before and witnessed first hand when I met Jackson at a party for Robert Hiltziks B movie Return To Sleep Away Camp, starring Paul DeAngelo at SILK club inside the Pachanga Indian Casino in rural San Diego. In fact, Jackson and Cuba Gooding, Sr. where both milking the attention they got for having famous sons.

However, to see Jackson acting this way before Michael has even been laid to rest is all the proof that I need to know that this man never loved his son. He was smiling ear to ear and you could tell that Don Lemon was surprised by the response to his question.
He is already making the claim that he and his wife Katrhyn have sole authority over Micheals funeral, children and most importantly, his estate.