GOP Not Pailing Around With Palin

Posted: Thursday, July 16, 2009 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: , , ,

Conservadems ROTFLOL: Thanks, but no thanks, Sarah.
Sarah Palin is a joke. Her own party doesn't want her campaigning for them (say nutter Gov. Rick Perry in TX). Rep. Heath Shuler, Rep. John Barrow, Sen. Mark Pryor & Sen. Ben Nelson - some of the most conservative Democrats there are don't want or need your help.

Rep. Heath Shuler via Politico:

“I don’t think so,” said Democratic Rep. Heath Shuler, who hails from the conservative far western reaches of North Carolina.

“You know, look,” Shuler continued, clearing his throat, “there may be things we agree on, but there’s a lot of things we disagree on. I’m satisfied by me campaigning for myself in my own district. I don’t need somebody else from, you know — to come into my district.”
So, no help from Alaska?

“I don’t think so,” Shuler said, smiling and glancing over at the friends he was showing around the Capitol.

Rep John Barrow via Politico:
Rep. John Barrow, who represents a number of rural counties around Augusta and Savannah, Ga., was already walking quickly out of a Democratic Caucus meeting when asked about a Palin visit.

“That’s a new one on me,” Barrow said. “I don’t think she wants to campaign for me.”
Happily getting into an elevator and away from the question, he added: “It’s really not for me to make suggestions to Ms. Palin; she’s got enough to worry about.”

Sen. Mark Pryor via Politico:
“I don’t know,” Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor said with a good-natured laugh. “I usually don’t ask people to come campaign for me. I hadn’t really thought about that possibility.”
And how would Palin play in Arkansas, a state the GOP ticket carried by 20 points last year?
“I think, like a lot of places, she has some people that really like her and, you know — but overall, I’m not sure how she’d do there,” Pryor said, before ducking into a Democratic Caucus luncheon.

Sen. Ben Nelson via Politico:
Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson, perhaps the most conservative Democrat in the upper chamber, might as well have been asked if he wanted self-proclaimed socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) to bring a bit of Burlington to North Platte.

“I don’t have very many of my colleagues campaign for me,” Nelson responded quickly. “I generally have been out on my own doing it: two terms as governor, now two terms in the Senate.”