Republican Punditry Drinking Palin Flavored Kool-Aid

Posted: Monday, July 6, 2009 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: ,

I am not sure what to make of the Republican mass political suicide that seems to have started the moment that Barack Obama placed his hand on the bible to take the oath. While Obama is good, he's not that good and it's safe to say that for whatever the reason, republicans are robotically walking up the the trashcan full of Kool-Aid like a suicide bomber walks into a crowded marketplace. You know? sort of like: Fuck it! - I'm already here, it was a long walk and I'm really freakin' thursty.

Whatever subliminal message conservatives politicians are receiving to self-destruct, it seems to be reaching the conservative punditry as well. William The Krystol Ball has become about as reliable as a Magic 8 Ball lately. His recent predictions on Sarah Palin make me wonder if they aren't based on 1 of 20 answers that popped up in the window of a tiny ball full of blue liquid. - A definate possibility.

This morning on Fox News Sunday, The Kristol Ball argued that Palin is now "all in" for a "high risk" presidential run. Depending on her "talents and abilities" Kristol used a strained comparison to President Obama to lay out Palin’s winding road to the White House:

Is the Kristol Ball on Kristol Meth? - Jesus H. Christ! - I just sat there in my Lazy-Boy on Sunday morning as Kristol compared Palin to Obama. He spoke about how "nobody" thought that Obama could beat Hillary and I hate when people make statements like that where they're just pulling stuff out of thin air. To me saying "nobody" believed that Obama could beat Hillary and that same as saying everyobody believed it. I mean, come on! - Everybody is alot of freakin' people and it makes no sense to say that. First of all, you've got to cut Barack and I out of the equasion because I can assure you that we are at least two people who thought he could beat Hillary so saying "everyone" is no longer an option, but that's what the Kristol said.

KRISTOL: "Everyone said [Obama couldn't] compete with people with these long records. … He seems to have gotten to President. I don’t think it is foolish for Palin to think, "You know what, if that’s the world we live in now where people don’t value — maybe correctly — experience in years of experience in Washington, or two terms counts more than two and half years as Governor of Alaska. Maybe she thinks she gets out there and becomes a leader of the conservative movement, and then a leader of the Republican Party, and then conceivably a nominee of the Republican Party, and then conceivably a president just like Obama did.

Bill? - Put down the pipe, grab a fork! - Sarah Palin is done! - She quit! - She resigned! - People voted her into a 4 year term as Governor and she quit a little after halftime. - A lame duck anything is not a valid reason to walk away from an obligation that you earned by asking people to trust you. I voted for Barack Obama to serve a 4 year term as our President, not until he gets tired of it. Not until he deicdes whether or not he'll seek a second term or not. - Either you complete the task, or you do not! - There's no multiple choice here!

Sarah Palin would have been better served to book a flight to Buenos Aries, but tell her staff and the first dude that she was going on a hike to clear her head. Then she would need to fall off the radar for 5 days before popping up out of the blue back at the airport looking lost with her carry-on and bag full of "My Gov. went to Buenos Aries" t-shirts. Maybe then people might have let her off the hook. But to quit on a bright sunny day on the shore of Lake Lucielle with the sky so blue and the birds-a-cherpin? - Are you shittin' me with this?

Let me ask my Magic 8 Ball : Oh magic 8 ball! - Has Sarah destroyed her chance to be President?

- Fuckin' A Skippy!

And The Kristol Ball isn't alone in the belief that Palin has pulled off some sort of brillient plan. Pundit after pundit is saying this is a "risky" move that "may pay off". This is absolutely preposterous, and any pundit that wants to be taken seriously after Palin has fallen into the abyss, you might want to kick it down a few thousand notches. Can you imagine the zingers that would come by way of 2012 campaign ads?

"Is Sarah Palin running for a full term this time? - Or is she looking for part-time work at full-time pay? - As George W. Bush so eliquently said: Fool me once............shame Butcha cain't fool me again! "

Chico Brisbane