Freedom Under Attack: The Liberals Are Coming!

Posted: Saturday, August 15, 2009 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: , , , , ,

Whenever Republicans have their backs against the wall as they do right now after 8 years of George W. Bush. Also in 1999 and after 12 years of Ronald Regan and the elder George H.W. Bush, a false alarm of liberty and freedom being under attack is made in lieu of simply owning up to the past and offering real solutions going forward.

Instead, they tried to sell America on contuinuing along the path that lead us to near disaster. I say "near disaster" because that's exactly what it is. And it would have been an absolute disaster had John McCain and Sarah Palin won the 2008 election. Instead, for the first time in a long time, the rational among the electorate, regardless of political party understood the sad state of affairs that the Bush Administration had left in it's wake.

The Republicans immediately sounded the standard false alarm that Democrats in control equals the loss of freedom. Like Paul Revere's midnight ride from Boston to Lexington warning that the British were coming, the Republicans take to airwaves and try to paint their dishonest rhetoric as some sort of patriotic duty and then use the very freedom that they claim to love, to prostitute the word and it's meaning for the sake of regaining control of the country that their party nearly distroyed.

Were are seeing it unfold right before our very eyes. Somehow the concept of being our brothers keeper and reforming our healthcare system to provide affordable health care for all Americans who wish to have it, means the end of freedom in America. These town hall political parrots cry about wanting their country back, and not wanting it to turn into Russia.
They want it restored back to the way that our founding fathers had it. One can only assumes that that means a virtually all-white nation of wealthy slave owners in one class and everyone else in a second class, thus the term second class citizens.

What these ignorent townhallers fail to understand is that they are the second class citizens. They're the ones doing to dirty work for the wealthy in that first class. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I haven't caught word of any Fortune 500 CEO's making an appearance at these townhall protest to get his or her two cents in about wanting their country back. I haven't seen Sean Hannity, Glenn Back, or Rush Limbaugh making an appearance to protest and shout that they want thier country back. And why should they when they can have their current day version of a slave doing that dirtywork for them.

The bottom line is this: With our total and complete dominance in Washington today, the Democrats are going to restructure our free nation. Not into a socialist state, but rather a free nation that provides the same level of freedom for all American's and not just the wealthty and influantual. And if providing a public option is what is necessary to ensure that all Americans have access to "affordable" health care, then that's what we will do.
What people fail to see is that unlike President Bush who force fed us diregulated financial markets, and two wars built upon lies, President Obama has been, in my opinion, overly accomodating to opposing views.

However, I suppose that that had much to do with him being elected in the first place. If the country continues to heal at the rate that it is healing under Obama's leadership, then the 2012 Republican candidate will simply be going throught the motions of an election cycle for no other reason that to be the one to hand Obama a second landslide victory. Those are the facts weather you like it or not.

- Chico Brisbane


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