Birther Leader's Ties To Former Soviet Republic Suspicious?

Posted: Wednesday, August 5, 2009 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: , ,

Orly Taitz, the loudest mouth in the "birther movement" is clinging onto the recently surfaced Kenyan Birth Certificate that was debunked as a fake the moment it surfaced. Taitz seemes so obsessed, that whispers about her real objective may soon become "chatter" - Enough said.

Taitz has made very few dubious claims, but mostly just argues that she doesn't have to prove the birth certificate is real: "I am not supposed to waste my time and money on this issue, Obama is the one who is supposed to provide evidence of legitimacy ... Kenyan BC provides more info than the piece of garbage Obama posted on the net."

The irony of Taitz not even being an American adds to the strangness of her passion to discredit the President of The United States of America. - Dr. Orly Taitz is not a naturalized American citizen! - In fact I could find no documentation that she is a U.S. citizen at all!!! -
According to the Orange County Weekly Taitz, immigrated to the United States from Israel in back in 1987. With Israel being no that much of a fan of Obama, berhaps Dr. Taitz should become a focus of The Department of Homland Security, The FBI, CIA, and State in the event thet she continues to undermine the Presidency with false documentation.

We are a nation at war and I'm sure that even Dick Cheney would agree, when you are at war, you have to consider every possibility when it comes to people or groups of people who are working individually or in concert to undermine this country or it's President. After all, Before living in Israel, Dr. Taitz lived in the Soviet Socialist Republic of Moldavia. Dr. Orly Taitz could very well be a spy or even worse, connected to Al Qaeda.

In spite of her claims that she's concerned because she "came from a communist country." I would like to quote Dick Cheney by saying, SO WHAT! - I don't give a shit where she's from, it's where she's going with this that should concern every American.

I think picking the "Birther Movement" is the type of cover that a terrorist might pick. Pretend you're a fucking idiot and then go emerse yourself into a group of fucking idiots. It's Brillient! - With all of that assinnity going on around her, she could easily conceal that fact that she's really a communist agent.

When I listened to the meltdown that she had on MSNBC with David Schuster and Tamron Hall, she sounded a little like Natasha. It got me wondering if she could be KGB. As the saying goes: "однажды КГБ всегда КГБ," "Once KGB always KGB."

If this woman is going to speak out about our president, then she needs to
understand how suspicious that becomes when its done by foreigners in a country that is at war. It might be a good idea if she produced her birth certificate and proof that she has become a naturalized citizen. If not, she might run the risk of spoiling the birther movement for all of the fucking idiots in the group that where born in this country and have a right to be a fucking idiot.

If she can't do that, and I'm sure that Dick Cheney would agree with this as well, maybe she needs to spend a little time down at GITMO so we can get the truth out of her. An enemy compatant is an emeny combatant.

PS: To Sarah Palin: You can relax now, when it comes to crazy bitches, this one just raised the bar.