Blogger Sends Sarah Palin Off The Deep End

Posted: Tuesday, August 4, 2009 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: , , , , , ,

A crime is an act committed or ommited in violation of a law forbidding it or commanding it, to which is annexed upon conviction, any of the following: fine, probation, imprisonment, removal from office, disqualification to uphold any office of honor trust or profit, and in those rare cases, even DEATH! -

When Sarah Palin abused her power to compel Public Safety Commissioner Walter Monagan to fire State Trooper Micheal Wooton, she commited a crime in violation of ethics laws of the State of Alaska. She did the same when she submitted expense reports and took taxpayer per diems to stay in her own home in Wasilla, Alaska, which is on the shore of beautiful Lake Lucielle as Palin often boasts. Those are crimes commmitted in violation of a law.

To give you an example of a crime ommitted in violation of a law, well, that would be when Sarah Palin ommitted to report all of those per diam checks on her imcome taxes. OOPS! - In the event that she deposited said checks into a Federally Insured Bank, the former Governor of Alaska might be looking at money-laundering charges in the near future. I can already hear Sarah Palin saying - Well, I didn't know how that stuff really worked. - To which I say TOO BAD! ignorance of the law is neither a defense nor an excuse.

Now this crazy bitch thinks that she's going to launch an attack on Bloggers and their First Amendment rights. The only reason that she is doing so is because for the first time, a blogger, not some mainstream media empire, but a single blogger who offered an opinion based on logical assumptions struck a blow to her ego that made her lose her fucking mind. God All Mightly! - I would've loved to have been a fly on the wall when she googled her name and came across that post at The Immoral Minority Blog. -- Holy Crap! - Viva La Baby Jane! - Viva La Joan Crawford! - NO MORE WIRE HANGERS! - Palin must have shit a cat.

But at the end of the day, what's the big deal? - When you hear reports that Palin took off suddenly from her resignation address leaving Tood standing there with his hands in his pockets. People have noticed that she hasn't been wearing her wedding ring, other reports of her and the First Dude arguing are all more then enough for someone to conclude that the pair may be headed for divorce. That is what Gryphen posted over at The Immoral Minority Blog.

What does Sarah Palin do? - She has her lawyer, Thomas Van Flien, send an imtimidating e-mail to the blogger asking him if he wanted to be served with a law suit at his house or at the kindergarten class where he volunteers his time. Gee, that's funny? - I don't recall hearing about David Letterman receiving a similar email from this lawyer asking wether he would like to be served at CBS studios or over at his office at World Wide Pants.

KEPP DIGGING SARAH! - It won't be long before you're eating Chop Suey in China you ignorant slut! - Folks may have put up with your bi-polar bullshit as mayor of Wasilla, and even as Gov. of Alaska. But the minute that you brought that bullshit down here to the lower 48, it was the beginning of the end for your career in politics and you didn't even see it coming. That's what happens to compulsive liars. There mind is so pre-occupied with trying to remember their own bullshit, that they're always looking the wrong way when trouble arrives.