CHICO - Invited To A Tea Party ? - Gets An Ear Full

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From day one of the Obama Administration, Glenn Beck has been creating an alternate reality for the fans of his tee-vee and radio programs. One that necessitates a revolution "to take our country back", from what?, well, that's where Beck get's creative.

It only stands to reason that if any of his rhetoric thus far, had worked as intended, Beck wouldn't be at the point where he's had to resort to calling Barack Obama a racist. It's a bit early in the game, I would say, if I where playing Beck's game.

Nevertheless, it doesn't mean that he's not good at it because he is. But, like Sarah Palin, the message is so inciteful that it only draws in a large, but insignificant percentage of the electorate.

"We need to take our country back, so we can return it to the way our founding fathers intended it to be." Beck recently said from his pulpit at Fox News.

What does he mean by that? - "The way our founding fathers intended it to be." - A virtually all-white nation of rich slave owners, and then everyone else? That's what the far left of my party might believe, but I think what Beck means is a spiritual nation based on religious values. A nation where everyone is equal, but just as long as everyone understands that they're only equal whitin your own ecomic and racial station in life.

Being a resident of California and particularly the L.A. area, I'm reminded of the sujbect of imigration, illegal or otherwise, more often then most. While my position leans mostly to the right on the subject, it's difficult for me to say that because my reasoning is nowhere near the narrative of the likes of Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs, O'Reilly, Hannity, Limbaugh, or any of the other rightwing pipe-dreamers force feed to their fans and new recruits.

I'm not sure when or how the word immigration became synonimous with the word Mexican, but I've never heard a single one of these people utter a word about the number of immigrants of other ethnicities. It's not as if the government isn't aware of how many people are in this country on expired visas, the question is why these immigrants aren't a focus of government concern since we have their fucking names and dates of birth on file! - But hey! - Ya know what? - Let's forget about all of these immigrants who are buying up our land, businesses, and industry street by street, block after block. Let's all be minute-men and run these fucking beaners back to Chihuahua Ville just incase my kid wants that dream job at the carwash, or selling oranges at the freeway offramp.

In fact, one day as I was getting off the Centrury Freeway at Crenshaw, I came across an orange vendor peddling his wares under the scorching mid-day sun. It wasn't as if this was anything new to me because I had seen it a million times before. What made this time different was the contrast between the man that came to this country under the cover of drakness, willing to do what he was doing at that moment, and do it for what certainly could not be very much. And then the man who had always been here, sitting in the shade provided by the shadow of the off-ramp sign, with a fucking sign asking for a hand out.

I bought 25 lbs of oranges in hopes of showing my lazy fellow American that people are more willing to help those who are actively trying to help themselves. What I really wanted to do was to tell him to "GET A FUCKING JOB!", but there's no benefit in that.

Well...unless you're Rush Limbaugh etal. They make it a duty to point out that the white anglo-saxon is superior to all others even if said in not so many words. It's why Obama is not a good president, it's why Sonya Sotomayor is not a suitable candidate for the Supreme Court.

I had no idea just how deep racism ran among those on the far right until I attended a meeting with a co-worker who mistook some of my right leaning ideologies as a sign that I was a raging righty. Here is the bottom line with these people when it comes to Obama and Sotomayor. "We can't have a bunch of Niggers and Mexicans calling the shots in the country!" - One man said with a sense of calmness that frightened me.

I thought that I was going to a prep meeting for a "Take Our Ballot Back" event, which is a spin-off of the Tea Party, but it felt more like a God Damn Ku Klux Klan Rally. Can you imagine a guy named Chico being invited to a Klan Rally? -

Just imagine Hannibal Lechter inviting you over for lunch. Yeah, it's like that.

That type of opinion was not the message spoken by anyone on behalf of the event, but it was running hot and heavy among some of those in attendance. Not all to the extream as that crazy comment, but over the course of two hours I heard the "N" word used 6 times. Four in refrence to President Obama and twice in reference to Attorney General Eric Holder.

These are the types of people that Fox News and particularly Glenn Back and Sean Hannity are driving to these Anti-Obama rallies and wether these are the type of people that these event organizers are trying to recruit, it does not seem to matter. They seem more interested in more bodies to hold more signs regardless of what their signs say.

These people didn't speak too kindly about Micheal Steel either, but they didn't use the "N" word against him. From what they did say about Steel, they have a belief that he's window dressing and a result of affirmative action.

They see Steel as the "well-spoken" type of "black guy" and as long as he just keeps "doing a little soft-shoe and hums a few bars of Baby Loves Shortenin' or whatever the RNC has him doing", they'll tolerate him. And I have to tell you, I don't think this would come as a surprise to Micheal Steel. Not becasuse he wouldn't expect it, but rather because it may not be news to him. The entire experience was surreal and an eye-opener to say the least. One man said that he tries to follow counter protesters (Lefty's) back to their cars to see if he can snap a picture of their license plate with his camera phone.

"I gotta friend at the DMV, so we can find out where these fuckers live." He said.
I was fairly certain that he was lying after talking to a high school friend who is now a CHP officer. There's been a real crack-down on just running license plate numbers through the database all willy-nilly. I guess running a license plate number is trackable to the person who did it and if there are an unusual amout of inquirys without a traffic citation or DVM fee or payment matching up with that inquiry, it does not go un-noticed. Nevertheless, hearing shit like that from this guy is the last thing that someone less stable then himself needs to hear. I couldn't imagine this guy having a friend that worked, muchless one that worked at the DMV, but I digress.

Somewhere deep down in the pea-brains of Glenn Back, Sean Hannity, and Bill O'Reilly, they think that by registering as Independants and Libitarians that it renders their rhetoric not in support of the Republican Party? -
And now we have Lou Dobbs going off the deep end,


which is a good thing because I wish I had a nickle for every time someone thought to themselves "Jeeze! - Lou Dobbs is starting to sound like Glenn Back, or Hannity, or O'Reilly. If it's not Immigration and runnung these Mexicans back across the border, it's McCain or some other republic trying to disguise their racism.

Sometimes you have to wonder if John McCain possesses any stratigic skills whatsoever. He comes out today and announces that he will not be supporting Sonya Sotomayor, and sites reasons that her judicial history do not support.
Yet, he ends all of that by saying that he believes Sotomayor is an extreamly qualified candidate. However, when it came to Sarah Palin, he picked her sight-on-scene with what we now know to be little or no vetting whatsoever.

These are the types of choices that republicans make on a daily basis. John McCain chose a minimaly educated white woman to take the second highest office in the land, but couldn't bring himself to support a highly educated fedreal court judge who is a Latina and was already sitting on the bench when Sarah Palin was still taking bong rips in her dorm room. Yet, I'd be the one accused of being a racist for pointing out the obvious fact that John McCain beleive that a stipid white bitch beats a smart beaner any day of the week. I'm sure that there are many things that Sarah Palin is qualified to do, but becoming the Vice President or a Supreme Court Judge aren't among them.

Let me see if I can sum up Sarah Palin using the Glenn Beck method of summing shit up. "I'm not saying that Sarah Palin is a fucking idiot, I'm just saying that she's nuttier then a Chinese Chicken Salad and that she doesn't like darkies. Ya know, up there in Alaska where the real Americans live - That's all.

Your Friend Always,

Chico Brisbane.