Joe The Plumber: I know a little about alot of things

Posted: Sunday, August 2, 2009 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: , ,

This week got off to a good start with The Daily Shows Jon Stewart getting Bill Kristol to admit that the government can provide quality health care.

The icing on the cake was Keystone Progress getting Joe The Plumber to basically admit that he doesn't know shit from shinola. Or as Joe put it, he knows a little about alot of things, he doesn't know alot about everything.

Joeseph Wurzelbacher aka "Joe The Plumber" was dispatched by the Republican Party to make an appearance in Pennsylvania at a rally against the Employee Free Choice Act.

"I don't know everything about everything brother" Wurzelbacher said:

The representative from Keystone Progress asked Wurzelbacher if he hadn't read the law and didn't know what was in there or what the differences were between the old law and the new law, how could he be here speaking as an expert, to which Joe The plumber replied:

"Drop it brother, drop it! - I didn't say I was an expert."

In between doing his best to avoid answering a quantitave question as posed by Keystone Progress, signing autographs, and answering kindergarten questions by fans who waited for this fucktard to sign whatever they handed him to sign, he mumbled some gibberish sounding more like King of The Hill's nextdoor neighbor, Boomhauer. He said that he wasn't about Republicans or Democrats and that he was tired of party politics.

"I want to leave that at the door and focus on America. I mean these Democrats and Republicans are just getting rich off of our backs." Joe said.

There once was a time when I wished that Barack Obama had never walked down this mans street during the campaign, but not anymore. This guy is the gift that keeps on giving everytime he opens his mouth.