Glenn Beck Longs For Those Halcyon Days. He Just Needs Halcion

Posted: Sunday, October 18, 2009 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: , ,

Glenn Beck should be paying his viewers $110 an hour or whatever the going rate is for a check-up from the neck up. On September 12, 2009, Beck turned on the waterworks over those days of old, that simpler time in America where Kodak spoke about the times of your life and CocaCola commercials were always about unity and sharing. But then Glenn shocked the hell out of me when he said.

"America has never been a perfect place, but we used to be united. We used to be united on some basic things. If a politition told you right now that he could make that happen again. We could go back to those simpler times when people where together. You'd do it in a heart beat, wouldn't you? - I'd be tempted to believe them, but the truth is no politition can take you there. They can only take you farther from there. Only common sence and hard work, and only the honest truth, or better yet the hard reality." (Beck: Brief pause - sniffle - sniffle)

This is where Glenn starts reminicing about his father and going to a party with two friends who promised him that they'd leave by midnight. However, by 2:00 am they're still there, his clothes smell like pot. He hasn't had a drop of alcohol (ahem bullshit!) but these same friends have spilled beer all over him.

"You're out way passed cerfew and you don't know what to do. You're gonna get your butt kicked. We're facing the same choice now. Do you remember what our parents said to us. Just come home and tell us the truth. We'll get throught this."
Now, I'm not sure what much of Beck's walk down Memory Lane was about, but he obviously feels that he's disappointed his father as a youth and he's been lugging around some serious emotional baggage ever since.

It would not be too far off base to conclude that much of Beck's desire to travel back in time, to that simpler time, would be to correct mistakes that he's made along the way. Now, if this snivilling was coming from the guy that made my Subway Sandwich earlier today, that would be one thing. But when it's coming from someone that makes $10 million God Damn dollars and year, are you shittin' me with this! - Fuck Glenn Beck! and Fuck what he's going through!

Instead of balling over those Halcyon days way back when the sky was blue, the birds where cheerping, life was simpler, and there wasn't a Brotha Man in the White House, Beck ought to seriously consider getting himself a perscription for Halcion and taking a God Damn nap for a few minutes! - Jesus Fucking Christ! - This guy is unraveling like a cheap sweater and he's looking to his viewers for emotional support and validation for his rationalizations?

Near the end of his Novella, Beck said that we’d have to suffer the punishment of being “financially grounded.” But, he continued, “In the long run, you will look at your children...” He grimaced, as though he could not hold back any longer. He paused for a few seconds seeming to pull himself together enough to carry on. Then, with his voice dripping with heartache and pleading, "...and you will tell them, that you hated it, you hated the things that you did at the time because they were hard, but your dad was right and you're glad you did it." CLIP ENDS (Hold for Applause) (Hold For Applause) (Hold For Applause)


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